Do Sick Cats Have Dry Noses?


Many cats have cool, wet noses, which causes some pet parents to believe that a dry nose means the animal is sick. Is this true?

You’ll be happy to hear that a dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean your cat is sick. As a matter of fact, without any other symptoms present, there isn’t any reason to be alarmed at all. There are quite a few reasons why a cat’s nose might be dry.

If the air is dry, your cat may experience a dry nose in much the same way that your skin gets dry when there isn’t enough moisture in the air.

For some cats, grooming is enough to dry out their nose. That’s because the compounds in cat saliva can be very drying.

Even lounging in the sun can dry out your cat’s nose. If your cat has other symptoms, schedule an appointment with your vet Cherry Hill, NJ.


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