Bad Breath in Dogs


There are several causes for bad breath in dogs. If your dog chews on something particularly stinky, it will give him bad breath. Similarly, if he eats raw, stringy foods and the get caught in his teeth, the food will rot and smell. And gastrointestinal issues can cause bad breath. Feed your dog high-quality food to keep your dog’s system in balance. Clean your dog’s teeth regularly, starting when he is very young so it becomes routine. Use toothpaste that is safe for dogs since human toothpaste can upset your dog’s stomach and possibly cause medical issues. Consider adding a minty plaque remover to his water regularly. Provide hard, crunchy treats and chew toys to clean teeth and stimulate gums. Be aware that even with the best of care your dog will need periodic professional cleanings. These cleanings are done under anesthesia in your vet’s office. Learn more from your vet villa Rica Area, GA.


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