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Treating Minor Cuts on Birman Cats

If you Birman cat comes inside with a cut or a scrape then there are a few ways you can treat the wound. If it’s a deep wound, call your vet right away. You will want to follow your vet’s instructions, which may include covering the wound with a bandage to stop the bleeding while in route to the vet’s office. If your Birman has a minor cut or scrape and it can be treated at home, you may want to follow these steps. First, if the area is bleeding, cover it with a cloth or bandage to stop the bleeding. Next, wash the wound with a warm cloth, soap and water or a pet wound cleanser like Vetericyn. You may also need to apply a topical anti-bacterial ointment like Neosporin one or two times a day until the wound is healed. Even though it’s not deep or large, make sure you call your veterinarian Frisco, TX. If you want to know more, click here.

Treating Minor Cuts on Birman Cats


Choosing Kitten Chow for your Burmese Kittens

If you’re new to the weaning process, talk with your vet to learn the basic steps involved. One of the first things you should know is when you start weaning your Burmese kittens from their mother’s milk you will need to start them on a milk replacer. Start feeding the kittens from a bowl. You may also want to start adding a little dry cat food to the milk to help introduce them to solid foods. When it comes to choosing a kitten food you will find there are numerous options. Your vet may suggest a particular brand or at least give you a list of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that need to be included in the food you choose. Also check the calorie content of your kitten food as well. When you find the right kitten food, call your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX to make sure it’s a good match for your kittens. To learn more, click here.

Choosing Kitten Chow for your Burmese Kittens

Caring for the “Mama” Golden Retriever during Weaning

Weaning requires a lot of time and care for the puppies involved, but it also requires time and care for the mother as well. Talk with your vet to find out how to care for your Golden Retriever puppies and their mom during the weaning process. Your vet may help you set up a schedule for weaning the pups from their mother’s milk. Sticking to a schedule can help prevent the mother Golden Retriever from overproducing milk, which can cause painful or enlarged mammary glands. You want to make sure the puppies receive an adequate source of milk during the process while at the same time slowly weaning them. Remember weaning the puppies off of their mother’s milk also helps the mother to slowly dry up and stop milk production. Don’t forget to ask your vet Frisco, TX about adjusting the mother’s food intake. Decreasing her milk supply will also mean decreasing her food intake. See details here.

Caring for the Mama Golden Retriever during Weaning

Benefits of Not Allowing Your Cat in the Bedroom at Night

Cats may have an independent streak, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like curling up with you in the bed. Although it may seem comforting to have your cat in the bedroom with you at night, there are actually a few benefits of closing the door.

Cats aren’t technically nocturnal. Instead, they are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. If you plan on being in bed during one of these times, you’re likely to be disturbed by your cat. In addition, cats don’t sleep in large chunks like we do. Your pet is likely to take a nap and tear through the bedroom at two in the morning. Keeping your cat out means a better night’s sleep.

Allergies can be an issue for some people. For others, it’s simply a matter of keeping cat hair off of the pillow case and out of your face!

To learn more, call your vet Lansing, MI.

Taking Your Dog to Work

Taking Your Dog to Work

Some employers are very happy to allow their employees to bring their dogs to work. After all, there are many benefits to the employer as well as the employee. Employees who take their dogs to work suffer from less stress. This makes perfect sense since dogs have a very calming effect and can help employees keep calm in stressful work environments or when under aggressive deadlines. This refreshed attitude helps employees increase their productivity and work in a more cooperative way. Since they don’t need to rush home to let their furry friends outside or feed them, employees often work longer hours with their pets in the office. Before bringing your dog to the office, check on your employer’s policy and if there are any co-workers or clients that are allergic to dogs or have a dog phobia. Introduce your dog to the workplace gradually. Learn more from your vets Myrtle Beach SC.

Bonding With Your New Kitten

Bonding With Your New Kitten
Bonding with your new kitten is a necessary part of gaining her trust and building a relationship. You want your kitten to feel comfortable in her new home and confident as she explores her new environment. Food is a good start. You may want to hand feed your kitten to get her used to her new eating station. Keep a pleasant demeanor and speak to her softly while she is eating. This reinforces the idea that you come with good things. Playtime is another opportunity for bonding. It is a time to be silly while offering activity and fun. This is also a time for a little discipline. Encourage your kitten to use the litter box and reward her for successful attempts. Discourage your kitten from biting or scratching you and inappropriate objects. Use deterrents and redirect your kitten but never physically punish or yell at her. Contact your vet Westlake Village, CA. For further information, click on the link.

Travel-Friendly Cats

Many pet cats dislike being in a moving vehicle. Even a trip to the vet or the groomer can be a stressful undertaking for many pet owners. However, some cats are able to tolerate, even like, road trips. Most of them have been gradually trained to get used to being placed in a crate while riding in a car while still very young. These cats soon learn to enjoy road trips with their pet parents, more so if excursions are thoroughly prepared well ahead of time.

Generally, cats that are comfortable while being in a moving vehicle have gone through adequate socialization. Their various experiences during socialization prepared them to deal with different situations that they will encounter as they mature into adulthood. These furballs have bonded well with their humans and love spending time with them, even if it means being with them inside in a moving vehicle and being inside their carriers for hours at a time. Some feline breeds which are usually travel-friendly include the Chantilly, Japanese Bobtail, and Chartreux.

Bringing your cat to your Marion, IA veterinarian for regular wellness checks will help ensure your pet’s health and wellbeing while you are on the road.

The Best Dogs for Children

The Best Dogs for Children
Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of temperaments. Choosing the right dog for your children depends on a number of factors. Small dogs may not be the best choice since children could frighten them and either the dog or the child could be injured. And big dogs may be hard for your children to manage on walks and could knock your children over. Choose the right size for your kids. Look at the general temperament and energy level of a dog before adoption. If the dog is a mixed breed or a shelter dog, he may have been tested for these factors and there may be a report available. Look at your household and determine if your family has the time and energy for the dog you want to adopt. Look at how the dog will fit in with all family members including other pets. Contact your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA to learn more.

Digging and Dogs

Digging and Dogs
Digging is instinctual in wild dogs. They hunt for underground food such as rodents and also hide food from other animals. Digging a den can provide a cool place to rest. Your domestic dog has ample food in his bowl and a nice cool house but don’t tell your dog’s instincts that. Dogs will dig when they are bored so provide lots of things to do in your yard. Chew toys and balls are fun and even more so if you spend some time out there with your dog. There are organic sprays you can apply to your prize flowers and bushes to keep your dog away. However, your best bet is to not leave your dog out in the yard alone for long periods of time. Bury any holes dug promptly and consider covering them with stones or statuary to prevent a future incident. Learn more from your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA.

How to Tell If Your Rabbit’s Teeth Are Too Long

How to Tell If Your Rabbit's Teeth Are Too Long

Rabbit teeth grow continually, which can cause some problems if your furry friend doesn’t have enough to chew on. How can you tell if your rabbit’s teeth are too long?

It can be difficult to pinpoint if you’ve never seen it before. As the teeth become longer, they don’t align properly. It will look a bit like your rabbit needs braces.

As the teeth continue to grow, they will wear on each other, causing points or uneven spots, called spurs. They can be sharp enough to cut the tongue or the mouth. If allowed to continue to grow, eating can become painful or downright impossible.

To keep your rabbit’s teeth neat and trim, make sure that he has a healthy pellet diet and an endless supply of hay. He should also have fun wooden toys to chew on.

If you worry that your rabbit’s teeth are too long, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Moorpark, CA, visit website http://americanvethospital.com/.