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Pet Care – Potential Toxins In The Household


Do you know that even if you have carefully removed and secured potential products that are harmful to your pet, there is still a chance that your pet can have access to something that can make them ill?

Pet-proofing your pet’s immediate environment is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Dogs and cats are such curious creatures and the odds are they won’t be able to tell whether something is good for them or not.

Two of the important causes of poisoning in pets include human medications and supplements and rodenticides.


Rat poison is formulated with highly toxic ingredients thus they should be applied with extreme caution, and stored in places that is out of reach by curious and persistent pets.

Human Medications and Supplements

Some human medications and supplements can be tempting for pets; some of these products can cause illness even when only a small amount is taken in and warrants an immediate trip to the pet clinic Upper Arlington OH. Human and pet medications should be placed in secure places to prevent a curious cat or dog from having any access to them.


Can Cats Be Allergic to Fleas?

Fleas are a real nuisance. Not only do they make your cat itchy, but they can wreak havoc in your home too. Unfortunately, your cat’s flea problem can also include an allergy.

Cats can be allergic to fleas. This definitely exacerbates how itchy they are. A feline with a flea allergy will excessively groom, getting rid of many of the fleas. This may sound like a good thing, but overgrooming can result in irritated skin and bald spots.

If your cat has a flea allergy, it’s because he’s allergic to the flea’s saliva. Fortunately, the problem is relatively easy to fix. You just have to get rid of all the fleas!

Of course, preventing a flea infestation in the first place is the best way to ensure your cat is happy and comfortable. For flea medication recommendations, call your vet Cameron Park, CA.

Birman Cats and Sunburn

Did you know that cats can get sunburn just like people can? Cats like your Birman cat can be prone to sunburn on areas of skin that are not covered by fur. If you suspect your Birman has a sunburn or irritated skin, please call your vet for treatment options. Birmans with light colored ears are particularly prone to getting sunburn on the tips or edges of their ears. If approved by your vet, a sunscreen containing titanium dioxide as the active ingredient should be used on areas of your Birman that are exposed to the sun. Some Birmans may even need to have their body covered with a t-shirt whether it’s a people t-shirt made to fit or a Birman-sized shirt. The best way to prevent sunburn is to keep your Birman covered or inside or ensure she has access to adequate shade outside. Talk with your vet Fox Lake, IL for further tips and suggestions.

Training Albino Iguanas

Did you know that Albino iguanas need training and socialization from a young age? If you need a plan of action for training your Albino iguana, talk with your vet. Your vet may be able to help you determine your Albino’s current level of socialization. It is suggested that owners should work with their Albino daily for a year or longer before the iguana will learn to trust and appreciate their life as a pet. Albino iguanas that have been trained and socialized correctly will appreciate a head, neck and body rub, take treats from you, and enjoy roaming around your home by himself. Even if you adopt or purchase an older Albino iguana that isn’t very friendly, it is still possible to socialize him and make friends. Patience is required as it will take consistent reinforcement and interaction to keep your Albino iguana socialized. Talk with your animal hospital coon rapids mn for more details.

Is It Ever a Bad Idea to Take Your Dog to the Dog Park?

The dog park is a great place for your pet to get a little exercise. It’s even a great way for him to make new friends! The trouble is, the dog park isn’t for every canine. When is it a bad idea to take your dog to the dog park?

A poorly trained dog shouldn’t be taken to the dog park. You do not want to be that pet parent that spends 15 minutes chasing down their dog because he won’t come when he’s called.

Socialization is important too. If your dog is nervous around strangers, has trouble around children, or simply doesn’t have good doggy manners, you’ll have to do a little work with him before you can go to the dog park.

Need help training your dog? Your veterinarian Greenville, SC can provide you with a list of effective trainers in your area. To learn more, click here.

Is It Ever a Bad Idea to Take Your Dog to the Dog Park

Does Your Dog’s Food Bowl Matter?

It’s obvious that you need to provide your dog with food on a regular basis. You also probably understand the importance of choosing the right high-quality brand, but did you know that the bowl you choose is important too?

Plastic bowls are cheap. They are also highly decorative, so they’re likely to catch your eye at the pet store. However, they can easily be scratched. Those scratches and fissures can then hold bacteria. As your dog eats the food out of his bowl, he can pick up this bacteria, some of which could make him very sick.

Ceramic bowls are a better choice, but they can chip causing the same problems with bacteria. If you want to keep your dog healthy, it’s best to choose a stainless steel bowl.

For help choosing the right bowl for your dog, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Greenville, SC.

Does Your Dog's Food Bowl Matter