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Types of Horseshoes

It may come as a surprise, but there are many different types of horseshoes to choose from. Here are some of the most common.

The regular shoe is the most popular. It’s the most affordable and it’s the best choice for most horses. It supports the hoof and protects it under average riding circumstances.

The rim shoe is very similar to the regular shoe, but it has a deeper rim, like its name suggests. This type of shoe is able to provide horses with a bit more traction.

Bar shoes and egg bars provide support to the back of the hoof. They are best used when there’s been some damage to the hoof, or the horse suffers from a disease.

Rubber hooves are quite rare, but they are great for working horses that spend a lot of time on cement.

To learn more about horseshoes, call your veterinarian Olathe, KS.

Types of Horseshoes


Choosing an enclosure for your hamster

Choosing an enclosure for your hamster

Your hamster deserves the best home you can offer her, and choosing the right enclosure can make a big difference in her quality of life. Most hamster owners choose between a wire cage and a glass tank to keep their pet in. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Wire cages offer your pet plenty of airflow, and can have many add-ons for your pet to enjoy, like colorful tubing for her to explore. Glass tanks can keep your pet from kicking bedding onto the ground, and can also help minimize the noise that these nocturnal pets may make throughout the night. Both options are available in a variety of sizes, and can make great homes for your pet. Talk to a professional if you would like to more thoroughly evaluate your options. Your local veterinarians Livonia MI can help you care for your pet.

Fun Ways to Use a Tennis Ball with Your Dog

There are tons of toys to choose from at the pet store, but one simple toy is more versatile than you think. Here are a few fun ways you can use a tennis ball with your dog.

First, you can always throw the ball. Because they are easy to throw long distances, and because they bounce on hard surfaces, many dogs have a lot of fun retrieving them.

You may know you can cut an X in the tennis ball and place it on the feet of noisy chairs, but you can cut another X in the opposite side and tie an old T-shirt through the tennis ball for a fun chew toy.

Cut a small hole in the tennis ball and stuff it with treats to turn it into a toy that will keep your dog busy for hours!

For more tennis ball ideas, call your veterinary clinic Olathe, KS.

Fun Ways to Use a Tennis Ball with Your Dog

Choosing a bedding material for your ferret

Choosing a bedding material for your ferret

Your ferret depends on you to help her live a happy and healthy life. Part of your responsibilities as a pet owner is to give her all the items that she needs in order to do this. Bedding material is something that you should consider when creating your pet’s enclosure. This helps to keep her comfortable within her cage, and also helps to give her a sense of safety within her space.

First and foremost, look for a material that will be nontoxic if your pet chews on it, and will not become a choking hazard. Some fabrics can unravel easier than others, so make sure to choose something that your pet won’t become entangled within. You should also opt for something that will be easy for you to clean, and will be fairly durable. You can visit us for additional guidance.

Cats and NSAIDs

Cats and NSAIDs
NSAID is an abbreviation for Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. If your cat has been prescribed a NSAID, make sure you ask your vet the reason for the medication and what the expected outcome should be. In some cases, a vet will prescribe a cat NSAIDS to help reduce swelling, stiffness, or joint pain often associated with arthritis or effects of recent surgery. There are several NSAIDs that are designed specifically for cats. It is not OK to give your cat any type of anti-inflammatory designed for people unless directed by your vet. Always monitor your cat for possible side effects. Routine blood work is needed to monitor for serious long term side affects including kidney, liver, or digestive problems. If your cat exhibits behavior changes, changes in appetite, develops skin redness, or starts vomiting or has diarrhea stop giving him the drug and call your veterinarian Livonia, MI right away.

How Do You Know If You’re Giving Your Cat Too Many Treats?

Cats love treats, and can you blame them? It’s like sitting down to eat potato chips or a candy bar! The trouble is, your cat can have too many treats, just like you can have too many sweets. How can you tell if you’re giving your cat too many treats?

First, your cat shouldn’t necessarily expect treats. If your cat gets treats all the time, you may notice bullying behavior. He may follow you around the house, walking under your feet, trying to herd you to the treat cabinet. You should never give your cat treats if he begs for them.

Next, you’ll know you’re giving your cat too many treats if he starts gaining weight. It’s often hard to tell if your cat is getting bigger because you see him every day. To make sure he isn’t overweight, you should schedule regular appointments with your vet Olathe, KS.

How Do You Know If You're Giving Your Cat Too Many Treats

Color Combinations of the American Curl

Color Combinations of the American Curl
If you’re familiar with the American Curl feline breed then you have noticed that these particular cats come in numerous colors and color patterns. They American Curl also comes in long hair or short hair. The diversity comes from its original breeding. In 1981 a long haired black cat with curly ears was bred to a non-pedigreed domestic cat creating the American Curl. The owners used a non-pedigree cat to create a large gene pool and to ensure little to no defects in the cat. This created a relatively healthy breed of cat. The diverse background also created a breed with almost limitless colors, color combinations and color patterns. In general, the American Curl is relatively healthy. It is also a low maintenance cat. Its coat, whether long or short, requires a minimal brushing or combing on occasion. To learn more contact your veterinarian Livonia, MI.

The American Curl

The American Curl
If you’re looking for a friendly cat that loves people of all ages then you may want to check out the American Curl. This particular cat is often called the “Peter Pan of Felines” because of its playfulness and kitten like personality that lasts pretty much the cat’s entire life. The American Curl loves to run, jump, and even play fetch. This particular breed is often called a canine cat. The American Curl originated in 1981 when a stray black, long haired cat showed up on the doorstep of a home in Lakewood, CA. The cat had curled ears and was quickly adopted by the homeowners. They bred the cat with non-pedigree domestic cats creating and pursed the breed to be recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. Today, the American Curl can be found in numerous colors, long hair or short hair, and with a very loving personality. Talk with your animal hospital Livonia, MI to learn more.

Safety in Your Lizard’s Terrarium

Lizard are interesting pets but there is some work in finding the fine balance of heat and light and humidity that you need to maintain to keep your lizard healthy. One danger can be to make your lizard’s terrarium too hot. Use several thermometers in the terrarium and check them frequently. Adjust your heat lamps accordingly. Similarly, your lizard needs supplemental heat overnight too so you need to use night lamps. These give off heat without giving off light so your lizard stays warm and you can sleep. Another issue that can be dangerous to your lizard is dirty water. Your lizard may defecate in the water and if you don’t clean it often enough, it could get sick from the excess bacteria or become dehydrated because it doesn’t want to drink the dirty water. Finally, take care in choosing the proper bedding for your lizard. For more information, contact your Warminster, PA veterinarian.

Safety in Your Lizard's Terrarium