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Molting in Cockatoos

Did you know that molting is the natural process birds undergo to replace old feathers with new ones? It is common for Cockatoos to molt; however, if you see excessive molting then call our veterinarian. Excessive molting could be a sign of an illness. In general, birds like Cockatoos typically molt in an attempt to remove old feathers in order to make way for new ones. Molting season varies from bird to bird, but most often coincides with the weather, migrations, diet, or even the reproductive cycle. You should ask your vet what time of year your Cockatoo should be molting. Be prepared for the molting season to last several weeks or several months. During this time your Cockatoo may be less talkative or active as molting tends to take a lot of time and energy. If your Cockatoo picks out his feathers at a non-molting time, call your vet Glendale, AZ. You can schedule an appointment at this website Bell Animal and Bird Hospital.

Molting in Cockatoos


One Important Responsibility Of A New Cat Owner

One Important Responsibility Of A New Cat Owner

If you’re planning to bring home a kitten, the first thing you have to consider is your source, making sure that your new kitty comes from a reputable and well-established breeder or a private seller where some of your friends have also gotten their pet cats. Knowing the source of your pet is a guarantee that they are well-bred and cared for. It also minimizes the chances of kittens carrying infectious diseases that may often prove to be fatal. Whether you choose to bring home a male or female kitten, one of your responsibilities as a pet owner is to have your pet spayed or neutered at the right time, except if you have plans on breeding from them. Taking your new pet to your vet clinic aurora co to have the procedure done can be quite stressful, but the surgery is pretty much routine and therefore safe.