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Choosing the Right Albino Chicken Feed

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Albino chicken or several Albino chickens then you may want to talk to your local grain store owner or veterinarian about proper care and diet. You will most likely learn that some chicken feeds will be better for laying hens and other feeds will be better for hens you will be using for consumption. In addition, if you are going to sell farm fresh, organic eggs then you need to make sure you are feeding your Albinos an organic grain or feed that is free of fillers and other non-organic ingredients. Your Albinos may also eat other foods like vegetables, fruits, flowers and grass. If you allow your free ranging, all organic Albinos to eat other foods then you will need to make sure those foods are all natural and organic as well. Your veterinarian Mattoon, IL can help you determine the right diet for your Albinos chickens. To know more, click here.

Choosing the Right Albino Chicken Feed


Heat Radiating in Boer Goats

Did you know that in the warmer months of the year, Boer Goats tend to pant or sweat in an effort to keep themselves cool? Boer Goats may also raise their own body temperature by 5 to 6 degrees in the summer in order to reduce sweating and conserve water. Boer Goats also conserve water by radiating heat through their ears. Boer Goats have a large number of blood vessels in their ears, which are able to radiate heat and reduce the need of panting and sweating. In addition, a Boer Goat’s horns are also filled with blood vessels that are able to radiate off large amounts of heat. When fighting, running or working, the Boer Goat is able to radiate heat through the horns creating a way to reduce panting and sweating. This is also why a Boer Goat’s horns can be hot to the touch. Talk with your veterinary clinic Mattoon, IL to learn more.

Heat Radiating in Boer Goats

Helping your dog through a thunderstorm

Your dog is a brave and independent friend, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t afraid of anything. Thunderstorms can be a common fear among canines, and many pet owners don’t know how to help their pets through these situations. Luckily, there are ways to help make your dog more comfortable.

Since he is worried that the loud noise of thunder presents some kind of danger to his safety, go out of your way to comfort him. Showing him that you are comfortable in the situation will help him understand that he doesn’t need to be afraid, and that everything is okay. It will also offer him the reassurance he needs when he is unsure of himself. Other ways to care for your pet include offering him a coat designed to provide calming pressure. Contact animal hospital Savannah GA today.

What Not to Feed Your American Yorkshire Hog

Knowing what not to feed your American Yorkshire is important. Ask your vet for help in setting up your hog’s diet. There are different things you will need to take into account when it comes to choosing what to feed and what not to feed your American Yorkshire. For instance, if you are raising your American Yorkshire for meat then you do not want to feed him any meat. Make sure you avoid giving your hog certain vegetables such as raw potato peels. These are not recommended as they are hard for some hogs to digest. If you are raising your American Yorkshire all natural make sure the food you feed them is all natural as well. You cannot claim your hog meat is free of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals if you do not ensure your hog’s food is also free of those same ingredients. Talk with your vet Mattoon, IL for more information.

What Not to Feed Your American Yorkshire Hog

The Benefits of Owning a Cat While at College

The Benefits of Owning a Cat While at College
Cats can be a lot of work but also comes with great rewards to college students. Cats can help students feel less lonely and provide a soft, cuddly friend when feeling homesick. A companion cat will demand attention and food and require your child to provide that care. This can lead to better self-care as well. Cats are notoriously good for reducing stress, which is ideal in a high-stress situation such as college. However, college students should be made aware that having a cat is a long-term commitment. Make sure cats are allowed in your student’s college housing. And help your child understand the financial commitment to owning a cat before she adopts one. Consider food, litter and especially the expense of veterinary care. Discuss the time commitment involved and help your child make a good choice. Know more, contact your veterinarian Hinesville, GA.

Tips To Reduce Your Pet’s Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)

Since a pet’s exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has been proven to cause life-threatening conditions in pets, including cats, dogs, and birds, pet owners should take a proactive approach to protect their pets from being exposed to smoke and smoking products. Some of these precautionary measures include the following:

  • No person should be allowed to smoke inside the house. There should be NO exceptions to this rule, including your guests.
  • If you do smoke, make sure to do it outside, away from places where your pet tends to stay in most of the time.
  • Wash your hands after smoking and rinse your mouth. It is also a good idea to change your clothes because smoke residues cling to your clothes, skin, etc. Handling your pet without washing or changing your clothes can expose your pet to third-hand smoke.

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Tips To Reduce Your Pet's Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)