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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Attention?

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Attention

Dogs are social creatures, which means they don’t like spending a lot of time alone. However, every dog is different. How can you tell if your dog is getting enough attention?

Dogs that are bored and don’t get enough attention tend to sleep more than other canines. Excessive sleeping is also a sign of doggy depression, which can include a general disinterest in food, playtime activities, and household accidents.

Some dogs can get pretty naughty when they’re bored, which means torn furniture and toppled trash cans. Still other dogs can get loud and obnoxious when it’s time for a little attention.

Fortunately, dogs bounce back quickly. Just commit to spending more time with your pooch and he’ll likely climb out of his funk. For more signs that your dog isn’t getting enough attention, schedule a visit with your veterinary clinic Wake Forest, NC, visit http://raleighncvet.com/.


Your Dog and the Warm Spring Weather

As the spring season is upon us, there will also be a few really warm days.  Both you and your dog have the opportunity to get outside and shake loose some of the cobwebs of winter. The added opportunity for exercise is great but start slow and with relatively short walks at first. You can increase the distance and pace as you get in shape. Since these warm days come suddenly, your dog may not have shed his winter coat yet. Take care that your dog doesn’t get overheated. Provide your dog with plenty of fresh water and watch for excessive panting. Protect your dog’s feet from hot pavement if necessary using dog booties or better yet, play on grassy areas instead. Brush your dog frequently to help with shedding. Your dog may have less of an appetite as the weather warms. Get out and enjoy the weather. Learn more from your Whitestone, NY veterinary clinic.

Helping Basset Hounds Overcome Fear

Your Basset Hound may appear to be a fearless guardian, but when he hears loud noises or sounds he’s not used to he may quickly turn into a helpless, scared pup. If your Basset paces excessively or appears to be anxious, talk to your vet about ways to help address the anxiety and fear. One suggestion is to distract your Basset from whatever is causing the fear and panic. For instance, if your Basset is scared of thunder, help him focus on other things during a storm. You may want to play a game with him indoors or groom him as a distraction. If your Basset forgets that he is scared then he is more likely to ignore the noise during the current storm and possibly the next storm as well. You can also try creating a safe place for your dog to go when something frightens him. Ask your vet Burke, VA for more tips.

Helping Basset Hounds Overcome Fear

Doggy daycare

Are you looking for a part-time job? Do you currently stay home or want to start staying home, but need a little income to do so?

If you love dogs and are good with them, consider opening a doggy daycare! Here are some things to consider:

  1. You will need a fenced-in backyard, free of any potential hazards.
  2. Supplies will include kennels, big and small, leashes, food and water bowls, dog pillows, treats, bones, toys, and grooming items if part of your services will include baths or brushing.
  3. Determine the scope of your services. How many dogs will you take at one time? Is there a legal limit? Will you accept big and small dogs? What hours will you be open? Will you offer to watch dogs while their owners are on vacation? Will the dogs have to be spayed or neutered?
  4. Check with your tax advisor about if you need to charge tax for your services and the possible tax write-offs of your home business.
  5. Contact your home insurance person and see if you need to add to your coverage.

Talk to your Greer, SCvet to find out what shots each dog you watch will be required to have before you can accept him into your doggy daycare.

Treatment for Corns on Boxer Paws

Treatment for Corns on Boxer Paws.jpg
Has your Boxer been diagnosed with a corn or skin lesion on his paw? If so then you will need to follow your vet’s suggested treatment plan in order for your Boxer to heal. Corns can develop due to pressure or trauma on the paw, an infection, or from a previous scar or injury to the paw. Your vet may recommend surgically removing the corn to provide immediate pain relief. Afterwards, your vet may apply a pressure-relief bandage to relieve pressure on the paw while the incision heals. In some cases, owners will be advised to refrain from walking their Boxer on hard surfaces. Some Boxers may also be required to wear booties while walking for extra protection against pressure. The healing time frame is considered to be 14 days. However, future treatments may be required to prevent corns from re-forming. Talk to your veterinarian McPherson, KS about ways you can help prevent future corns.

Treat your little dog like a big one

There is a stereotype about small dogs barking at anything that moves. Someone walking by or coming to the door sends the small dog with a Napoleon Complex into a tizzy. There’s no reason your smaller pup can’t be treated like your typical big dog. Many associate big to medium sized dogs to being more obedient than smaller pooches, who are perceived as running wild and doing whatever they want to.

Why can’t you train your little pooch like you would a larger dog? Larger dogs can be more dangerous when they aren’t trained, but little dogs can be a nuisance. Take your little dog to dog training. Make her heel with you and sit until you tell her it’s okay to enter the house. Don’t let her jump on people or get away with anything just because she’s little.

Ask your Doylestown, PA veterinarian for suggestions on where to send your pup to training in your area. Read more about training small dogs here.

Grooming Brushes for Maine Coon Cats

Grooming Brushes for Maine Coon Cats
Did you know that there are a variety of grooming brushes available for cats and dogs? There are several that have been designed just for cats. Trying to find the right grooming brush to use on your Maine Coon cat can be a little difficult. First, you need to identify what type of coat your Maine Coon has. Then you should look for a brush that says it is designed to handle that particular coat or all coat types. For instance, if your Maine Coon’s coat tends to mat up then you should look into a dual-sided cat brush. Not only does this brush help release natural coat oils, but it also has an all-in-one design to remove tangles. A general shedding comb will help remove loose or dead hair and is often available in two designs: one for long hair and one for short hair. Talk to your vet McPherson, KS for more information.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider Shaving Your Cat

Why You Might Want to Consider Shaving Your Cat

It can be a lot of fun to pet a furry cat, but all that fur can cause problems for your feline. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider shaving your cat.

Cats with fluffy undercoats or long hair can develop mats quite easily. If not taken care of right away, they can get bigger, pulling on the skin as they grow. This can be quite painful! Shaving can prevent mats from developing in the first place.

Does your cat have a lot of problems with hairballs? If there’s no long hair to groom, you don’t have to worry about hairballs!

Elderly cats and overweight cats may not clean themselves like they should. Shaving can keep them clean without you having to give your cat regular baths.

If you’d like to shave your cat, visit us or call your vet Wake Forest, NC for a list of groomers in your area.

Free time to roam for your Parakeet

Did you know that allowing your parakeet the opportunity to free roam outside of his cage is a great way to encourage exercise? Physical and mental stimulating activities are healthy and beneficial for parakeets. If your parakeet is aggressive, you will need to set some boundaries when allowing him outside of his cage. For instance, place a blanket on the floor and work with your parakeet to understand that the blanket is his boundary. You can play a game of chase on the blanket or even play ball or fetch with your parakeet while he’s on the blanket. Anything to encourage him to move and exercise within his roaming boundaries is great. If your Parakeet is comfortable and not aggressive outside of his cage, you can give him more room to roam. For instance, allow him to go up and down stairs. Talk with your veterinarian Louisville, CO for additional suggestions.

Free time to roam for your Parakeet

Treatment for Eye Infections in Red-Eared Sliders

If your pet Red-Eared Slider appears to have a swollen eye, red eye or has discharge from the eye, mouth or nose area you should contact your vet right away. Your vet will need to examine your Red-Eared Slider to determine a cause for the swelling or redness. Most bacterial infections in the eye tend to come from debris trapped in the eye or from an infection elsewhere. For instance, an eye infection can often signal a respiratory infection. Your vet may need to take discharge samples from the eye area to determine the exact bacteria present. Once this is known, antibiotics will most likely be prescribed. Antibiotics for Red-Eared Sliders are usually given through an intramuscular injection. Your vet can give you an idea of how long it will take to notice a difference in your Red-Eared Slider’s eyes. A follow up appointment with your veterinary clinic Louisville, CO should also be made.

Treatment for Eye Infections in Red-Eared Sliders