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Symptoms of Heartworm Disease in Labradors

If you own a Labrador or other breed of dog then you may be aware of heartworms and the dangers they can cause. Heartworm disease is caused by a foot-long worm that can invade the heart, lungs and blood vessels of your dog. This can cause lung disease and heart failure. Damages can last long after the heartworms have been killed off by medication. Symptoms of heartworm disease in dogs may include a persistent cough, reluctance to exercise, fatigue, decreased appetite and weight loss. In the early stages of the disease symptoms may not be present. The longer the infection persists; however, the more evident the symptoms will be. Experts say that active dogs, dogs heavily infected, and dogs with other health problems will show “pronounced” clinical signs including a swollen belly signaling heart failure. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms call your veterinarian Orangevale, CA right away. More information here.

Symptoms of Heartworm Disease in Labradors


Life Jackets for Pomeranians

Life Jackets for Pomeranians
If your Pomeranian is just learning to swim or you are taking your Pomeranian out on your boat then you may want to talk to your vet about a doggie life jacket. Dog life jackets are typically sold at pet stores and water sporting goods stores. Depending on where you live or where you take your boat out, there may be a law in place that states your Pomeranian must be in a life jacket to ride in the boat. Call your vet to find out as he may know the rules for your particular region. There are a variety of life jacket options available for Pomeranians. Some jackets are merely vests designed to keep your Pomeranian afloat should he fall from the boat. Other jackets or floating coats, as they’re often called, are designed to help your Pomeranian swim and float in the water. Talk to your veterinary clinic Euless, TX about the right fit for your pup.

My Golden Agouti Guinea Pig has Cleaner in his Eyes

Accidents can happen when handling your Golden Agouti guinea pig. If you accidentally get shampoo or some other cleaning or bathing solution into your cavy’s eyes, call your vet immediately. Never take chances with your cavy’s eyes. When you talk with your vet be sure to have the cleaner in hand so you can tell him what chemicals are involved. You may also need to call poison control for treatment suggestions. Your vet may instruct you to flush or rinse your Golden Agouti’s eyes with cool water to prevent burning. You will then most likely need to take your cavy into the vet for an examination to ensure the eyes have not been damaged. To help prevent future accidents, always remove your guinea pig from his cage when cleaning it. When giving your cavy a bath try to avoid washing his face and eyes. Talk to your vet Orangevale, CA for more tips.

My Golden Agouti Guinea Pig has Cleaner in his Eyes

FortiFlora for your Bichon Frise

FortiFlora for your FortiFlora for your
Has your Bichon Frise recently been prescribed FortiFlora? If so then you may be wondering exactly what this product is for and what it will do for your Bichon. Feel free to give your vet a call to go over the prescription and what it is being prescribed for. Also ask about possible side effects to watch out for. In general, FortiFlora is a type of probiotic produced by Purina a producer of dog and cat food. This particular probiotic is used as a nutritional supplement to help cats with liver health, intestinal health and balance, management of diarrhea related to diet, and promoting healthy immune systems. For dogs like your Bichon Frise, FortiFlora is often recommended to help with liver health, intestinal health and balance, management of dietary diarrhea as well as help reduce gas. Contact your vet Euless, TX to learn more.

Can Dogs Benefit from Stretching?


Stretching is a great way to keep your muscles flexible, but what about dogs? Can they benefit from stretching too?

Dogs can definitely benefit from stretching! As a matter of fact, you’ve probably noticed your dog stretching from time to time when he feels he needs it. However, you can help your dog stretch! Many canine chiropractors and natural health experts are a great resource when trying to determine your breed’s unique stretching needs.

When helping your dog stretch, you should focus on the hips, shoulders, and back. Take things slowly and strive to assist your dog in a gentle stretch. Most stretches are more comfortable when your pet is standing, but stretches can also be done while he’s lying down.

For professional help developing a stretching schedule and technique for your pet, schedule an appointment with your vet Grand Junction, CO.

What the Litter Box Can Tell You about Your Cat’s Health


Cats are really bad about telling us exactly how they feel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t clues if you know where to look. You can learn a lot about your cat’s health based on his litter box habits.

It’s all about keeping an eye on your cat’s urine. If you notice that there’s a lot more urine in the cat box than there used to be, your cat could have diabetes. In addition, if you notice that there’s a lot less urine in the box than usual, your cat is likely dehydrated.

You should also keep an eye on his waste. Any change in color or consistency could be a sign of a larger medical problem. You can also determine if your cat has worms by taking a look inside the litter box.

If you find an abnormality, make sure you schedule an appointment with your vet Greenwood, IN right away.

Do You Have to Give Your Dog Regular Baths?


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save a little time, but it definitely shouldn’t be at the expense of your pet’s health and well-being. Do you have to give your dog regular baths, or is it okay to give him baths only every once in a while?

It definitely depends on your particular breed and the habits of your family. For example, a large Golden Retriever that spends a lot of time outside may need more baths than a small Chihuahua that spends the majority of his time inside.

Some breeds are also smellier than others. If your pet has that wet dog smell, you may not be able to resist giving him a bath! However, if your dog rarely comes indoors, you may find that baths are a waste of time.

For professional help developing a bathing schedule that works for your dog, call your vet Carmel, IN.

Epilepsy in Schimmel Mongolian Gerbils

If you want to purchase a Shcimmel Mongolian gerbil then you may want to talk to your local pet store associate or vet to find out about basic health and care needs. Some minor health concerns to look out for include occasional epileptic or seizure activity. In general, epilepsy is a disorder of the brain or nervous system that can cause animals to have sudden, uncontrollable seizures. These seizures are most often recurring and may or may not cause the animal to pass out. Epilepsy can occur for unknown reasons or because of genetic abnormalities. Epileptic seizures occur in 20 to 40% of gerbils including all breeds even the Schimmel Mongolian. In most cases, gerbils are able to recover without any lasting effects. The seizures tend to occur in gerbils that are suffering from stress, improper handling, or even a sudden change in living environment. Talk with your vet Orangevale, CA for more details.

Epilepsy in Schimmel Mongolian Gerbils

Red-Eared Sliders and their Habitat


Before purchasing your pet turtle, make sure you’ve studied what type of turtle you want to buy and what type habitat or living environment he will need. If you choose a Red-Eared Slider, research the breed ahead of time and talk to your local pet store associate to determine what kind of housing and care will be needed. For instance, contrary to popular belief, your Red-Eared Slider should have a tank that is at least 40 gallons. Turtles of all kinds do not stop growing when they reach a comfortable size for their tank. They grow regardless of how small or big their tank is. A 40 gallon tank will give your Red-Eared Slider adequate space. You will need to accessorize the tank as well. Your Red-Eared Slider will need a place to swim and a place to burrow or sun bathe. Talk to your vet Indianapolis, IN for additional information.

Landscaping for Your Dog


Spending time outside is good for your dog, but it isn’t always great for your yard. Instead of landscaping for you, consider doing a little landscaping for your dog.

First, dogs love having room to run around, so plenty of open space is a good starting place. If you have a fence, you may want to allow your dog some room to pace.

If there’s an area where your dog isn’t welcome, like in your vegetable garden, make sure that it is blocked off. The same is true of flower beds and rose bushes.

If your dog loves to dig, provide him with a doggy sandbox! That way, he can satisfy his need without getting in trouble.

It’s also a good idea to set up a potty spot in the yard for your dog. For more tips on landscaping for your dog, visit with your animal hospital Greensboro NC.