A Doggy First Aid Kit

Some minor problems may not require immediate veterinary care and can be treated using a good doggy first aid kit. Other injuries may require stabilization to get your dog prepared for a trip to the vet. Some of the items in your kit may be the same as those used for humans but others must be manufactured specifically for dogs. Purchase a good dog first aid book to guide you. Every first aid kit should include gauze pads, adhesive tape, cotton balls, an ice pack, tweezers and sterile saline plus any other typical first aid supplies. Purchase dog-safe antibiotic spray or cream, doggy ear rinse and an e-collar. Keep Benadryl in the house for allergic reactions but only administer this according to your vet’s instructions. Keep your doggy first aid kit well stocked and easy to get to if you need it. Learn more from your Niagara Falls, ON veterinary clinic.


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