Why Your Cat’s Ears Smell Bad

Cats are usually pretty clean, which is why a foul odor coming from your pet’s ears is likely to be disturbing. What causes a cat’s ears to smell bad anyway?

If the odor is particularly unpleasant, your cat likely has ear mites. Not only do they create a foul odor, but they also coat your pet’s ears with a brown substance. Take a peek inside your pet’s ears. If it looks really dirty and the smell is unbearable, it’s time for some medicated ear drops!

For the most part, cat ears are pretty good at regulating themselves when it comes to earwax. However, if your cat regularly ventures outside, something might have gotten trapped inside his ear canal that’s causing a problem.

For professional help figuring out what’s wrong with your cat, click here, or schedule a visit with your vet Racine, WI.


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