What to Do if You Find a Lost Cat

If you see a cat you don’t recognize, she may be an indoor cat who has gotten outside. Try to get a photo of the cat to identify the cat better than a description alone. Don’t chase the cat since she may run away or scratch or bite you. Pick up the kitty only if she allows it. Look to see if she is wearing an ID collar. If so, call the contact number. If not, call the police to see if they will scan her for a microchip. Watch for Missing Cat signs so you can contact the owner. If you can’t approach the cat, report her to the police so the owners know where to look. Putting food out for her will keep her near your home. However, it may keep her from returning to her real home if done too early. Contact your veterinarians West Mobile, AL to learn more.

What to Do if You Find a Lost Cat


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