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What to Do if You Find a Lost Cat

If you see a cat you don’t recognize, she may be an indoor cat who has gotten outside. Try to get a photo of the cat to identify the cat better than a description alone. Don’t chase the cat since she may run away or scratch or bite you. Pick up the kitty only if she allows it. Look to see if she is wearing an ID collar. If so, call the contact number. If not, call the police to see if they will scan her for a microchip. Watch for Missing Cat signs so you can contact the owner. If you can’t approach the cat, report her to the police so the owners know where to look. Putting food out for her will keep her near your home. However, it may keep her from returning to her real home if done too early. Contact your veterinarians West Mobile, AL to learn more.

What to Do if You Find a Lost Cat


Keeping Your Dog From Rushing Out the Door

If your dog rushes out the door whenever you open it, he could get lost or hit by a car. Once outside, people often run after him or make a fuss, which actually rewards and reinforces the behavior of rushing out the door. Thus prevention is the best strategy. Whenever you need to open your door for a visitor, to get the mail or even just to look outside, start with calling your dog to you and commanding him to sit. Reward your dog for sitting and waiting. If you go to the door and your dog starts to rush toward it, walk away and go about your business inside the house. You may need to practice with a leash on at first but eventually your dog should get the message that he needs to sit calmly when the door opens and closes. Learn more from your West Mobile, AL veterinary clinic.

Keeping Your Dog From Rushing Out the Door

Bonding with your dog

Your dog is an important part of your family, and you want to make sure he knows this. In order to help him bond with you, you will need to take the time out of your schedule to get to know him better. This means not only offering him some of your time, but also giving him the opportunity to have some fun during this portion of your day. Your dog will thrive with your attention, and he will be able to learn more about you and the way things are done in your household. He will learn to count on you, as he will be able to see that his needs are met in a timely fashion. He will also learn just how much fun you can be to hang out with, and crave even more interaction. For additional information, please contact your local Wilson County TN vet.

Why Your Cat’s Ears Smell Bad

Cats are usually pretty clean, which is why a foul odor coming from your pet’s ears is likely to be disturbing. What causes a cat’s ears to smell bad anyway?

If the odor is particularly unpleasant, your cat likely has ear mites. Not only do they create a foul odor, but they also coat your pet’s ears with a brown substance. Take a peek inside your pet’s ears. If it looks really dirty and the smell is unbearable, it’s time for some medicated ear drops!

For the most part, cat ears are pretty good at regulating themselves when it comes to earwax. However, if your cat regularly ventures outside, something might have gotten trapped inside his ear canal that’s causing a problem.

For professional help figuring out what’s wrong with your cat, click here, or schedule a visit with your vet Racine, WI.

Feline Meals That’ll Do in a Pinch

Choosing the right diet for your furry friend is important, but we’ve all been in situations where there just isn’t enough cat food to go around. Are there any other meals that will do in a pinch until you can get to the pet store?

Believe it or not, but many cat treats can also double as a quick meal. Although they are marketed as treats, it should say on the package if they can be used as a full meal. The instructions should also include just how much to give your furry friend.

You can make homemade cat food if you have plenty of human food to go around. Poultry is the best choice, but you can also use other ingredients you have around the house. Just search the internet for a recipe that works for you.

For more meal replacement ideas, call your  Animal Hospital Craig Road NV.

Can Fleas Cause Hair Loss in Cats?

Fleas can cause a great many problems, and some of them you may not be aware of. One particularly disturbing side effect for some cats that have fleas is hair loss.

Fleas are extremely itchy, especially if your feline is hosting quite a few. All that itchiness will definitely lead to scratching. If your feline becomes frustrated enough, he may end up pulling out his own hair in an attempt to stop the itch.

Unfortunately, some cats have a flea allergy. They’re allergic to a flea’s saliva, which can make the infestation nearly unbearable. Your cat could develop welts and severe skin irritation, which will likely lead to hair loss.

It’s best to prevent fleas in the first place. However, if you find that your feline has a flea problem, you should schedule an appointment with your vet Cherry Hill, NJ.

Epileptic Seizures in Dogs and Ketogenic Diets

Epilepsy is considered the most common cause of seizures in dogs. The problem is a hereditary condition in some canine breeds, but any breed, size, or shape of dog can be suffer from the problem. Dogs with epilepsy usually experience their first seizure when they are between 1-6 years of age. There is really no specific test to diagnose epilepsy in dogs. The diagnosis is often arrived at after other known causes of seizures have been ruled out.

Treatment regimens designed to address canine epilepsy generally consists of anti-seizure medications. Nutrition also plays an important role on seizure control.

Ketogenic diets

Ketogenic diets are formulated to contain very high amounts of fat and low in carbohydrates (typical ration is 4:1 or 3:1). This diet stimulates the body to produce abundant amounts of ketones, a substance that is produced when fat from the diet is used as the body’s primary source of energy.

Know more about your pet’s medical needs by visiting your Rocky Mountain House, AB vet clinic.

Epileptic Seizures in Dogs and Ketogenic Diets

Should You Wake Your Cat up from a Nap?

Cats love to take naps. That’s why they’re called cat naps, after all! The trouble is, not disturbing your cat when he sleeps the day away is nearly impossible. Is it okay to wake your cat up from a nap?

In general, there shouldn’t be any problems if you wake your cat up from a nap every once in a while, especially if it’s time to make the bed or it’s time for dinner. Just be gentle when picking him up and putting him down. He doesn’t want to wake up only to be thrown across the room!

Even though it’s okay to wake your cat up from a nap from time to time, you shouldn’t wake him up all the time. He has to get his beauty sleep! You should also try and leave your cat alone if he’s feeling a little under the weather.

Your vet Bucks County, PA can provide you with more information.

Keep your dog safe while driving

There are plenty of rules that keep children safe in the car—things like keeping kids in the backseat, properly installed car seats and of course, seatbelts. But what about your pooch? Is he safe as you take that joy ride to the countryside?

This applies more to small dog owners, but you’ve probably seen a driver with a small dog’s head propped out the window, ears flying out in the breeze and a look of utter happiness on the pup’s face. But is that dog truly safe on its driver’s lap?

If the owner were to get rear-ended, even just going a slower speed limit, the air bags could engage and propel out of the steering wheel. The blast of the air bag is so strong, it could be fatal for your buddy.

Your Villa Rica Area, GA vet can tell you how to make sure your dog is safe in the car or read more tips here.

Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

Cats are not low-maintenance pets. This is a fact that many potential pet owners have to realize before they bring home a kitten. Pet cats need much more than food. Like dogs, they also have their basic needs that include not only premium quality pet food but also comfortable housing, access to fresh clean water, proper veterinary care, as well as adequate physical and mental stimulation. Like all pets, they depend on their owners to provide for their basic needs.

Many cat owners believe that their pet cats are very contented and comfortable when they are kept together in one place. They think that it will be much easier and more convenient to care for cats that are grouped in one place. But cats are very territorial, and they tend to guard their established territories zealously, even within the household.

When designating a place for your cat, make sure that the cat’s food and water bowls are quite far from the litter tray. Cats hate having them in close proximity to each other. This can only stress them out and make them unhappy.

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Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy