Buying a Rain Sheet for your Burro

Do you own a pet donkey or Burro? If so then you may be wondering if you are supposed to blanket him in the rain. Generally, blanketing is up to the owner. For those who prefer to keep their Burros sheeted in the rain, plan on buying a new blanket or sheet every couple of years to ensure they remain water proof. A good sign it’s time to buy your Burro a new rain sheet is when you remove the sheet after a day in the rain and find your Burro is soaked. Water proof and water resistant materials do not last for the lifetime of the blanket. In fact, if you wash your blanket with regular detergent you could strip the water resistant properties off. To preserve your blanket, you may want to have a professional wash it and water proof it seasonally. Ask your veterinarian Kennesaw, GA if he knows of a blanket repair service. Click here to know more.

Buying a Rain Sheet for your Burro


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