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Should You Shave Your Dog in the Spring?


Everyone looks forward to warmer weather, but hotter temperatures can be uncomfortable for a dog with a lot of hair. Is it a good idea to shave your dog in the spring?

For the most part, it’s much wiser not to shave your dog. That’s because your dog’s coat actually has insulating properties. Not only can it keep him warm in the winter, it can keep his body temperature down by trapping cooler air near the skin in the summer. Shaving your dog will take away his natural ability to regulate his own body temperature.

However, some breeds need to be shaved in order to meet the breed standard. There are also some breeds that mat easily, so shaving might be the right choice.

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When to Buy New Dog Toys

Cute beagle puppy playing with his toy

You definitely have your choice of a wide array of dog toys at the pet store, but that’s not the whole story. Knowing when to replace your dog’s toys is just as important as the types of toys you buy him.

The most obvious time to buy a new toy is when your dog’s existing toy becomes destroyed. This is most common with stuffed toys, as they are easily torn to shreds.

You should also consider purchasing a new dog toy if your dog becomes disinterested in the toys that he already has. Consider purchasing a puzzle toy that will take your dog a while to solve.

It’s also a lot of fun to purchase new toys for your dog on special occasions, like his birthday and Christmas. To learn more about when it’s time to purchase new toys, plan a visit at  longmont vets .

Why Do Dogs Need Baths?

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Not every animal needs regular baths, but dogs do. Why do dogs have to be cleaned regularly anyway?

Dogs will likely need a bath every now and then because they aren’t interested in cleaning themselves. Cats don’t need baths because they will spend hours cleaning their coat. Dogs don’t do this. They’re content being dirty!

Dogs are also more likely to find themselves in a messy situation. From digging around in the garbage to prancing around in the mud hole in the backyard, you’ll likely have to rinse your dog off from time to time.

The natural oils on a dog’s coat can keep his fur shiny and healthy, but it can also be a little smelly. Washing it away from time to time can keep that wet dog smell at bay.

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Will My Cat Ever Stop Howling at Closed Doors?

Will My Cat Ever Stop Howling at Closed Doors

Even though cats hate closed doors, there are just some places where our furry friends aren’t welcome. Can a cat learn to accept a closed door, or do you have to put up with a howling feline for the rest of his life?

It isn’t easy, and it definitely takes patience, but your cat will learn to accept that closed door. It’s all about consistency and patience. If you want to keep your cat out of the bedroom, make sure that the door is shut all the time during training. By opening and shutting the door, the training process will take much longer.

It’s also important not to give into his fits. Even though you may be tempted to let him in just so he shuts up, you’re only teaching him that the more annoying he is, the more likely he is to get his way.

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Understanding the Weight/Fill of your Burro’s Blanket

Buying a blanket for your Burro can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few simple terms that can help your blanket experience be a lot more rewarding. First, you will need to understand meanings such as weight or fill in blankets. In general the weight or fill refers to the amount of stuffing used in the blanket to provide extra warmth. If you are looking for a simple rain sheet to keep your Burro dry then you should look for something with a light weight or fill. For instance, a rain sheet or lightweight blanket commonly has a weight or fill of 0g meaning there is no stuffing. The sheet simply serves as layer of protection for your Burro. A sheet with 150 – 225 g of fill or stuffing will provide protection and added layers of warmth. Talk to your animal hospital Kennesaw, GA to find out more.

Understanding the Weight Fill of your Burro's Blanket

Smelly Things That Appeal to Your Cat

Smelly Things That Appeal to Your Cat
Cats have a heightened sense of smell, so you’d think that your cat would want to avoid overly smelly things. The truth is, even with such a great sense of smell, your cat loves things that stink!

Some cats really have a thing for stinky shoes and slippers. Your cat can learn a lot about you and your guests by the smells that can be found in your shoes. For some cats, it’s a comforting smell that reminds them of their family and their home. It’s the same reason why cat’s love stinky feet.

Stinky things can be delicious! That’s why so many cats throw a fit when they smell a can of tuna being opened.

Although cats like some stinky things, other smells, like the litter box, can be a big turn off. Your vet Omaha, NE can provide you with more information.

What Type of Cat Tree Is Best for Your Feline Friend?

What Type of Cat Tree Is Best for Your Feline Friend

You probably already know that your cat would appreciate having at least one cat tree, but what kind of cat tree should you choose?

There’s really no right or wrong decision, but you should definitely consider what kind of tree you think your particular cat might like. Otherwise, you could end up paying a hundred dollars or more on a cat tree that your feline friend doesn’t want to use!

Does your cat love being up high? Choose a tall cat tree. If your cat prefers to be down low, choose a smaller cat tree to place underneath the window.

Does your cat like taking naps on the carpet or on the hardwood flooring in the kitchen? It’s also a good idea to choose a cat tree that incorporates a scratching post.

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Buying a Rain Sheet for your Burro

Do you own a pet donkey or Burro? If so then you may be wondering if you are supposed to blanket him in the rain. Generally, blanketing is up to the owner. For those who prefer to keep their Burros sheeted in the rain, plan on buying a new blanket or sheet every couple of years to ensure they remain water proof. A good sign it’s time to buy your Burro a new rain sheet is when you remove the sheet after a day in the rain and find your Burro is soaked. Water proof and water resistant materials do not last for the lifetime of the blanket. In fact, if you wash your blanket with regular detergent you could strip the water resistant properties off. To preserve your blanket, you may want to have a professional wash it and water proof it seasonally. Ask your veterinarian Kennesaw, GA if he knows of a blanket repair service. Click here to know more.

Buying a Rain Sheet for your Burro

Caring for a Carpet with a Dog Around

Caring for a Carpet with a Dog Around.jpg
Dogs can really do a number on your interior spaces. Your carpets are especially prone to wear. Here are a few tips for keeping your carpet looking its best, even if you have a dog around.

First, clean up messes quickly. Choose a pet-friendly cleaner that is specially formulated to take care of tough stains. Clean up after potty accidents, muddy messes, and anything else that stains or causes unpleasant odors.

Vacuuming regularly is also a great way to keep your carpets in tip-top shape. It can pull hair up out of the carpet, but it can also cut back on allergens if you use a HEPA filter.

Even if your carpets look pretty good, you should still plan on having them professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

To learn more about caring for your carpet with a dog around, visit with your vet clinic Omaha, NE.

What to Feed your Rhode Island Red

Do you own a flock of Rhode Island Red chickens? If so then part of your initial steps of ownership is to determine what you will feed them. Your vet can tell you that some feeds will be better for laying hens and other feeds will be better for hens you will be using for consumption. Also, if you are going to sell farm fresh, organic eggs then you need to make sure you are feeding your Rhode Island Reds an organic grain or feed that is free of fillers and other non-organic ingredients. In addition, your Rhode Island Reds may also eat other foods like vegetables, fruits, flowers and grass. If you allow your free ranging, all organic chickens to eat other foods then you will need to make sure those foods are all natural and organic as well. Talk with your veterinarian Marietta, GA to determine the right feed for your Rhode Island Reds. Visit this website to know more.

What to Feed your Rhode Island Red