Why Do Some Dogs Eat Hair?

Why Do Some Dogs Eat Hair

It is normal for a cat to eat hair because felines are fastidious groomers, but there’s no reason for a dog to eat hair. Why in the world do some dogs try to eat hair anyway?

This habit is especially disturbing when your dog tries to eat hair that isn’t his! The good news is that it isn’t likely to cause serious problems, unless he compulsively eats hair and it blocks his digestive tract. Instead, it’s just likely to come out in a stringy mess in his waste.

There are a few reasons why your dog might be trying to eat hair. Some dogs are simply curious, or like the way that hair feels in their mouth. Some dogs eat things like grass and hair because they are trying to induce vomiting to calm an upset stomach.

To learn more about this curious habit, schedule an appointment with your Vets Lafayette LA.


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