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All about the Basset

Did you know the Basset hound is a member of the blood hound family? Hard to believe that this pint size canine could have hunting traits, but he was actually bred specifically to hunt rabbits. The French aristocrats are responsible for the breed’s development. In fact, the dog’s size and characteristics are perfect for his role as a rabbit hunter. For example, the Basset’s short stature keeps him closer to the ground and closer to the rabbit’s scent. His long ears actually drag along the ground keeping track of the scent as well. And if you think the Basset is too slow to hunt, think again. This slow mover goes at the perfect pace for hunters to keep up with him. In addition, the French bred a white tipped tail into the Basset breed to make him easier to identify when in the thick of the hunt. Talk to your veterinary clinic Fox Chapel, PA to learn more.

All about the Basset


Testing your Japanese Bobtail’s Blood Sugar

Did you know that cats that are diagnosed with feline diabetes may need to have their blood sugar levels tested on a daily basis? If this is the case for your Japanese Bobtail then you may want to ask your vet what type of device to use and how to use it on your cat. Some owners have found that a simple handheld glucometer designed for people works very well when it comes to testing a cat’s blood sugar. It is also cheaper than pet glucometers. If your Bobtail will not allow you to test her blood then you may have to go in to the vet’s office for frequent testing. Some cat owners test their cat’s blood by pricking the marginal vein in their cat’s ear. Insert the strip as directed on the glucometer. For more information on testing and reading results, talk with your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA.

Testing your Japanese Bobtail's Blood Sugar

Can You Play with Your Pet Rat during the Day?

Can You Play with Your Pet Rat during the Day
Rats are nocturnal creatures, which means they love to sleep all day and stay up all night. If you work at night and spend most of your time at home during the day, can you take your pet rat out to play?

It won’t hurt your rat to spend some time out of the cage during the day. As a matter of fact, rats are so social that they may be willing to adjust their schedule a bit to accommodate your needs just for the opportunity to spend time with you.

Some rats actually spend the day and night taking naps, so your rat may not be troubled by your daytime routine at all. If nothing else, you can take your rat out and let him take a nap on your lap while you watch TV.

To learn more information on how to handle your rat, visit with your veterinarian San Jose, CA.

Siamese Cat Swallowed a Penny

Dogs are notorious for swallowing all kinds of things. Cats, on the other hand, are somewhat a little more careful when it comes to placing things in their mouth. However, there are times when cats spot something shiny and end up accidentally swallowing a penny. If your Siamese cat has swallowed a penny, please call your vet immediately. Swallowing a penny can be dangerous. Prior to 1982, pennies were made primarily out of copper. In 1982, the government approved pennies to be made mostly out of zinc with only a thin layer of copper. Zinc is highly toxic to cats. If your cat has swallowed a penny, please call your vet right away. It doesn’t take long for the copper to wash away exposing your cat to toxic levels of zinc. Symptoms may include vomiting and diarrhea, blood in urine, yellow mucous, liver and kidney failure, anemia, etc. Care from your veterinarian Natrona Heights, PA is needed right away. Visit this website for more information.

Siamese Cat Swallowed a Penny

Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Your Dog

Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Your Dog
Dogs make great companions, but they sure can be expensive! Here are a few sneaky ways you can save money on your canine friend.

It all starts with being a smart shopper. You should definitely choose a high-quality dog food, even if it costs a little more, as it can prevent more expensive vet bills down the road. However, pet stores often run special deals that discount certain brands each week. Visit the manufacturer’s website to look for coupons, and sign up for the pet store’s discount card.

Time to take your dog to the vet? Many veterinary clinics offer special prices on first-time patients. You may even be able to pay as little as $1 for your dog’s first exam!

Don’t forget to make dog toys at home! To learn more, click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic San Jose, CA.

Maine Coon Cats and their Rotating Ears

Did you know that a Maine Coon cats ears can rotate 180 degrees? If you watch your cat long enough you may catch a glimpse of the ears turning. It may seem a little odd or even creepy to know your cats ears can turn like this, but it’s actually part of their nature and even a form of communicating. A cat’s ears are made up of three parts, which are the external ears, the middle ears, and the inner ears. If you’ve seen your Maine Coon moving her ears in odd directions or angles then you’ve seen the outer or external ear at work. This is the portion of the ear that can move easily. Experts say it works similar to a funnel in that it moves sound towards the middle and inner ear. Your veterinary clinic Natrona Heights, PA can tell you that this gives your Maine Coon the ability to pinpoint the location of a sound. To learn more, visit this website.

Maine Coon Cats and their Rotating Ears

Fresh Catnip or Dried Catnip?

Fresh Catnip or Dried Catnip.jpg
When it comes to getting your cat engaged in playtime, catnip can be a great tool. The question is, should you use fresh catnip or dried catnip?

Just like any other herb, fresh catnip is much more potent than dried catnip. If you can get your hands on the fresh stuff, you should definitely go for it! You can also consider growing a patch of catnip in your garden or in your home. Just make sure your cat can’t get to it!

If you don’t have access to fresh catnip, dried catnip is better than nothing. It can easily be found at your local pet store. Stuff his favorite toys with the herb, or place a few toys in a sealed plastic bag with some catnip. Your cat will play with a renewed vigor you never thought possible!

To learn more about catnip, visit with your vets San Jose, CA.

Registering your Standard Poodle Locally

Did you know that some regions or states require a specific registration process for all pets? If you’re new to an area or you have just adopted or purchased a Standard Poodle then call your vet or town office to find out about pet requirements. Your vet should have an idea of what’s needed. For instance, some states in general require all dogs to be registered with their local town and/or county. Registration may include simply going to the town clerk’s office and completing a form or having your vet mail in a certificate stating your Standard Poodle is compliant with all required vaccinations. In some counties and towns, your dog will receive a registration application or certificate when he receives his rabies shot. A copy of that certificate or completed registration is then sent to the appropriate office. Your vet Natrona Heights, PA may know if a fee is required. To learn more, click here.

Registering your Standard Poodle Locally

Keeping up with the Australian Shepherd

If you’re interested in purchasing or adopting an Australian Shepherd then there are a few things you should know before bringing this particular breed into your home. The Aussie is a very energetic, athletic dog that loves to work and be on the go. This breed is most suited for active individuals or families as the Aussie needs at least 2 to 3 hours of exercise a day. The Aussie is great at agility and other sporting competitions. He is incredibly smart, easy to train, and is always eager to learn new tricks. Like most working dogs, the Aussie does best when he has a task and is not left to entertain himself. In general, Aussies can live around 13 to 15 years. They are a generally healthy dog, but are known to have eye problems such as juvenile cataracts. Their dense coat requires consistent grooming. Contact your animal hospital Southside, IN to learn more.

Keeping up with the Australian Shepherd