Ketoacidosis and the Japanese Bobtail

Ketoacidosis and the Japanese Bobtail.jpg
Ketoacidosis is a condition that can develop as a part of or as a result of feline diabetes. If your Japanese Bobtail has been diagnosed with feline diabetes, ask your vet about Ketoacidosis and what you need to know and look out for in your cat. Sometimes, when diabetic treatment is delayed, a condition called Ketoacidosis could develop. This condition is a metabolic imbalance that occurs with unmanaged or poorly regulated diabetes. Ketoacidosis is caused when fat and protein is broken down due to a need for more metabolic energy. The excessive breakdown of these reserves causes a toxic by-product called ketones. While the ketones continue to build in the blood stream, the pH and electrolyte imbalance continues as well. Symptoms related to Ketoacidosis include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weakness, dehydration, and difficulty breathing. Talk with your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA for additional information and support.


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