Fun Facts about the Australian Cattle Dog

Fun Facts about the Australian Cattle Dog

Did you know that the Australian Cattle Dog was developed in the 1800s by early Australian settlers in search of a working dog? That’s right; the settlers crossed the Blue Merle Collie with the Australian Dingo to produce a dog with the ability to drive livestock across rugged terrain for days at a time. The Australian Cattle Dog is know, for the ability to nip at the heels of livestock like cows and sheep and herd them or drive them across pastureland. If you want to bring this dog into your home, be prepared to provide him with lots of room to run. He should also get two to three hours of vigorous exercise daily. These dogs make great family dogs, but be cautious when introducing them to small children as the dog may try to nip and herd them too. Contact your veterinarian Thousand Oaks, CA to learn more.


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