A Houdini of all Cats

A Houdini of all Cats.jpg
The American Bobtail is a highly sensitive cat that is known for his bobbed tail, numerous colors and patterns, and his docile temperament. He is also an affectionate cat that loves being left on his own as much as he loves being handled and coddled. The American Bobtail is adaptable to just about any environment. He is also an incredibly brilliant cat, which can sometimes get him into trouble. For instance, the American Bobtail has a reputation as the Houdini of cats. He can get himself out of just about any kind of situation. Of course the American Bobtail will most often choose to escape from his cage right into the arms of the nearest person. His overly affectionate personality has won the hearts of many, which helps make him one of the most sought after feline friends. Contact your veterinary Clinic Westlake Village, CA for more details.


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