Storing Your Pet’s Food

Cat or dog food must be kept fresh to maintain nutrition levels and flavor. Keep dry and canned foods in a cool and dry place. Too hot and the fat in pet foods can get rancid. Too cold a temperature changes the taste and texture of the food. Don’t store more dry food than you can use in about two weeks for best results. If you want to store the food in a container than its original container, choose a metal container. Plastic bags and containers can add a funny taste to the food and your pet may reject it. Once food is in your pet’s bowl, check that insects or other vermin don’t contaminate it. Dry food can be left in the bowl for most of the day but canned foods should only be left out for about an hour. Store opened cans in the refrigerator. Contact your London, ON vet to learn more.

Storing Your Pet's Food


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