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Persian Cats Should Be Introduced To Early Grooming

Grooming young kittens should start as early as possible to get them used to the routine and learn to tolerate, and even enjoy the experience. When you’re grooming your Persian cat, make sure you are very gentle when running a comb and a brush through their extremely fine hair. Investing in the proper grooming equipment will make the task of grooming a Persian cat easier. There are complete grooming kits for cats from pet stores or in online shops, Make sure that you know what each tool is used for, and that the kit includes a flea comb.

Adult cats can be very sensitive, so you should limit brushing your cat’s coat if he starts becoming uneasy. For these cats, grooming can be done in short bursts, making it into a sort of play session, with some of his favorite treats as rewards if he keeps still long enough. Each positive grooming experience can help increase your cat’s tolerance to the regimen, allowing you more time to attend to their grooming needs. Know more about your pet’s grooming needs by visiting your Cypress, TX animal hospital.


Is your cat terrified of baths?

Have you ever tried to hold on to or control a cat who is having a meltdown? If your feline freaks out at the sound or sight of running water, consider this instead:

Put a dry, folded towel in the kitchen sink with your cat on top of it and feed her a treat. While she’s eating, pet her from head to tail with a cat grooming glove. This will help strip away some of her excess hair. Talk soothingly to her as you do it. If that goes well, take a microfiber wash cloth that you’ve previously gotten wet and switch out the grooming glove for it. Don’t let water drip down from the cloth. Gently rub her down with it as much as she will let you. Try to get her paws if you can since they touch litter.

Your Round Rock, TX vet will have other ideas for cat bathing. Share your tips here!

Grooming Needs Of Angora Rabbits

Angora rabbits benefit from regular grooming. They are prone to developing ‘wool block’ especially when they are shedding hair. ‘Wool block’ is just like hair balls in cats, however unlike cats, rabbits are unable to cough out wool blocks, which can eventually obstruct the digestive passage.

Angora rabbits shed their coats every three months or so. During these times, make sure to step things up a bit to lessen the chances of your rabbit ingesting loose hair. Without regular grooming, the coat of an Angora rabbit will soon become matted, knotted, and felt up. This can be uncomfortable and even painful for the rabbit; it can actually negatively impact their health and wellbeing.

To make the task easier, you should invest in a rabbit grooming kit that includes a plastic brush, a pin brush, a slicker brush, and a comb. A pair of scissors will also come in handy, but make sure to use them with care.

Consult your Cambrian, CA veterinarian if you have any concerns or questions about your pet’s grooming needs.

Possible Causes of Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Some dogs freak out when you leave them home alone. Understanding why your dog behaves this way can help in preventing this separation anxiety. Time in a shelter can be traumatic for a dog so whenever you leave your dog alone the memories of that experience can be triggered. Your dog could also get clingy when there is a change in your home such as a new family member or the loss of one. Anything that disrupts the home routine can be distressing even construction work. Thus your dog starts to act out when you leave them alone. If your spend most of the day at home every day and suddenly you don’t, your dog could have trouble adjusting. Use this information in developing a plan to deal with separation anxiety. Use patience and don’t ever punish your dog for acting out from the fear of separation. Learn more from your Perkasie, PA veterinary clinic.

Can All Dogs Benefit from Running?

Can All Dogs Benefit from Running

Everyone knows that dogs need exercise. It’s definitely easiest to take your dog out for a walk, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Can all dogs benefit from going for a run?

The answer to this question depends on the breed you have. There are lots of breeds that would love to go for a jog! Breeds like Golden Retrievers, Collies, and Australian Shepherds can burn off a lot of excess energy by running.

Some breeds don’t do well with heavy exercise. These breeds often have short, stumpy legs and smooshed faces. Breeds that don’t enjoy strenuous exercise include Bulldogs and Pugs.

If your dog can’t run, you should still make sure he gets plenty of exercise by going for walks and playing in the yard! To set up the perfect exercise regimen for your pooch, click here to schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Greensboro, NC.

Keeping Your Rabbit From Ruining Your House

Your rabbit needs to get out of his cage daily for exercise and socialization. Chewing and digging while out of the cage can be a big issue and ruin your home. To manage this unwanted behavior, you need to prevent it and redirect your rabbit as needed. Supervise your rabbit while out of the cage and give him lots of toys to play with. If your bunny grabs something he shouldn’t be chewing, say NO and then quickly redirect him to an appropriate toy. Keep all wires, important papers and other personal items out of reach. Give your bunny a grass mat to dig on and redirect him there anytime he starts clawing the floor or carpeting. If your rabbit consistently heads for valuable furniture that you cannot move, you may need to block off that area whenever your bunny has run of the house. Learn more from your Castle Hills, TX veterinarian.

Keeping Your Rabbit From Ruining Your House

Why We Love Cats

Cats appeal to our independent nature and often posture themselves as a bit aloof. Yet they can also be all about the cuddles. No matter what bad things have happened or what mood we’re in, you can depend on your cat to curl up close and comfort you. Your cat will welcome you when you come home and it’s not just to get a fresh bowl of food. Your cat has many endearing habits to make you feel loved such as kneading, rubbing and circling your legs and of course there is the ubiquitous purr. This sound can be quite comforting. Cats are also very goofy. They run around the house and up and down stairs for no apparent reason. It’s fun to watch your cat will jump and chase and pounce. In the end, we love our cats since they love us. Contact your Castle Hills, TX vet to learn more.

Why We Love Cats