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Ear Infections in Dogs

Bacteria or yeast often cause ear infections in dogs. Excessive hair, moisture or wax in the ear canals can make infections more prevalent. Dogs with floppy ears are more likely to get ear infections. Examine your dog’s ears frequently and look for redness and dark wax or other discharge in the ear canal. Your dog may also scratch his ears or rub them on the floor or furniture. Some dogs will shake their heads when they have an infected ear. To help prevent ear infections, trim the hair inside your dog’s ears and keep them dry. Clean your dog’s ears with a dog-safe ear rinse and cotton swabs about twice a month. You may use cotton swabs but don’t insert swabs any deeper than you can see to prevent damage to the eardrum. If you see any symptoms of ear infection, make an appointment with your Castle Hills, TX veterinary clinic for evaluation and treatment as needed.

Ear Infections in Dogs


Fatty Liver Disease in Shih Tzus

Did you know that fatty liver disease is common in small and toy dog breeds including the Shih Tzu? If you own a Shih Tzu talk to your vet about the disease and it how it may affect your dog. In general, a Shih Tzu’s primary liver function is to produce chemicals necessary for digestion and detoxification of the body. Fatty liver disease occurs when the dog becomes ill and stops eating. This causes his body to go into survival mode by sending excessive amounts of fat to the liver to be broken down into energy. A dog’s liver is not meant to handle such large masses of fat. An abnormal bile flow in the liver and deficient hepatic function is also noted. Not only is the liver unable to process the fat, but it is also unable to process red blood cells. Contact your vet Scottsdale, AZ for more information.

Fatty Liver Disease in Shih Tzus

My Box Turtles Eyes Appear to be Swollen

If your Box turtles eyes look as if they are puffier than usual or even swollen, please call your veterinarian immediately. Although eye issues can be common in turtles, you should always call a vet as eye issues can also quickly spread into something serious or even life threatening. Your vet will need to examine your Box turtle up close to determine a cause for the swelling. Sometimes the vet will need to examine the glands around the eye. In particular, if the “Harderian” gland is abnormal this could signal a vitamin A deficiency due to a poor diet. This deficiency could be the root cause of the swelling in the eyes. Treatment will generally include a shot of Vitamin A. Your vet may also make a list of ways to improve your Box turtle’s diet. You should schedule a follow up appointment with your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ as well.

My Box Turtles Eyes Appear to be Swollen

Help your dog with separation anxiety

You literally can’t do anything wrong in your dog’s eyes. Although this is easy to take advantage of, realize that when you leave your dog alone, she worries about you. Show her that you are thinking of her while you’re away by helping ease the separation anxiety she may feel when you’re away:

  1. Put your radio or television on so your dog has some white noise. This may make her feel like you’re either still around or that you won’t be gone very long. You can set your radio or TV to a timer if you are worried about wasting energy.
  2. The day before, wrap yourself up in a blanket so it smells like you, then put it in your pup’s bed to lay on until you can come back.

Your Carteret County, NC vet may have other ideas about how to ease separation anxiety for your pup. You can also read more here.

Box Turtles and Eye Health

Turtles, in general, are prone to various eye conditions like bacterial infections and swollen eyes or swollen eyelids. In some instances, an illness related to eye health can be relatively small and easy to handle. However, there are times when the infections or eye swelling can lead to much more serious illnesses. For instance, a swollen eyelid can become serious for a Box Turtle and cause his entire eye or eyes to close up making him unable to see. This makes feeding almost impossible as he is unable to find his food. A bacterial infection can develop as result of the swollen eyelid or even cause the swollen eyelids. The danger of the bacterial infection is the possibility of it moving into the nasal passage and causing respiratory infections, which can be fatal. Talk with your vet Scottsdale, AZ to learn more about these conditions.

Box Turtles and Eye Health

Preventing DJD in American Shorthairs

Although there is no cure for Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) in American Shorthairs or other breeds of cats, your vet may be able to provide you with a range of medications and physical therapy options for your cat. Medications and physical therapy can help relieve joint pains and slow deterioration. The disease causes the cartilage around the joints to slowly deteriorate. It can be painful. Although it is not entirely a preventable disease, there are steps that can be taken to make it a less painful disease. For instance, keep your American Shorthair’s activity level to a minimum. Sometimes identifying underlying causes of DJD like obesity can help prevent the development of DJD or the severity. Pacing your cat on a strict diet to avoid obesity could prevent DJD development later on. Talk to your veterinary clinic North Phoenix for additional information on DJD and ways you can help your cat.

Preventing DJD in American Shorthairs

How to Treat Schiff-Sherrington in Manx Cats

Schiff-Sherrington syndrome can happen to Manx cats when the spinal cord is severed or cut across by a small, yet severe, lesion on the lower back. This can cause extreme pain and a rigid posturing of the limbs. The hind limbs may also suffer from paralysis or loss of strength and muscle mass. Treatments for this condition include the direct repairing of any damage caused by the spinal cord lesion. This may involve surgery depending on the severity of your Manx cat’s condition. There is no set course of treatment for Schiff-Sherrington syndrome; however, if spinal cord function can be restored then the disease may be resolved. Your cat’s mobility could improve in time, although, it may not return to complete normalcy. Additional treatment or medications may be prescribed to help manage pain. If your Manx has Schiff-Sherrington, talk with your veterinarians North Phoenix, AZ to learn about all possible treatment plans.

How to Treat Schiff-Sherrington in Manx Cats