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Pain Relief for Cats

Pain Relief for Cats

Cat pain relief is difficult because cats are known for their ability to hide their pain. This is essential to survival in in the wild. Sometimes the only hint that your cat is hiding pain is that she is hiding for you. Under no circumstances she you give your cat pain medication manufactured for humans or dogs. These medications can cause your cat harm or may even be fatal to your cat. Cats are particularly sensitive to pain medication so doses are usually much less than that for other species. The time between medication does is much longer and the total time the medication is given is much shorter. Treatments such as dietary changes or weight reduction are used to eliminate the cause of pain. If your cat is demonstrating any behavior that you suspect may come from pain, make an appointment with your Veterinary Clinic Ellicott City MD for evaluation and proper treatment if needed.


GPS Tracking Collars for Tabby Cats

When your Tabby cat goes missing your world most likely comes to a complete stop until you can find her again. One of the biggest fears for pet owners is to lose their pet. Some Tabby cat owners have chosen to microchip their Tabby in case the cat is lost or accidentally escapes from the home. However, the microchip tends to only work if someone finds the cat and takes him to a vet or shelter and has the microchip scanned. An alternative to microchipping, or an addition to microchipping, is the use of a GPS tracking device or collar. Several companies have introduced GPS collars as a way for cat owners to track their cats should they go missing. Many of these trackers come with a downloadable app for your Smartphone which allows you to track your Tabby anytime and anywhere. Call your vet Aurora, CO to learn more details.

GPS Tracking Collars for Tabby Cats

Ways to Treat Gingivitis in Birman Cats

Research shows that more than 80 percent of pets three years and older develop some form of gingivitis or gum disease. This means your Birman cat could be at risk for gum disease. Common signs of gingivitis in Birman cats include red or swollen gums. The inflammation is especially present on the side of the gums facing the inner cheeks. If your Birman cat has been diagnosed with gingivitis then there are several points of action your vet may suggest you take. First, you should start brushing your cat’s teeth at home on a routine basis. You may also need to schedule your Birman cat for a yearly professional teeth cleaning. In addition, your vet may want to remove baby teeth or overcrowded teeth to reduce plaque build-up. If your Birman cat responds well to initial treatment, you should consider scheduling routine dental exams. Your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO can give you Ways to Treat Gingivitis in Birman Cats.

Adopting from a personal ad

Many benefits come from adopting your dog or cat from a private owner’s Classified ad. The first being that the animal is always loved, but due to the owner’s health issues, financial difficulties, or perhaps moving somewhere the pet can’t live, they have no other choice. In situations like these, the chances of this pet being well-behaved and a great fit for you are very high.

You can see the home environment if you visit the personal residence and observe how the owner and pet interact with each other. This is a great indicator of how the dog or cat should respond to you.This person will also be able to tell you more about the history, temperament, and personality of the pet.

Always have any dog or cat seen by your Temecula, CA vet before you officially adopt to make sure there aren’t any underlying health problems. Read more about adopting here.

More Facts about the Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a large breed of sled dogs. They are designed to work hard and pull heavy loads across the snow and ice. Unlike the Siberian Huskies, which are bred for their small size and great speed, the Malamute is not a competitive sled dog. Instead, he is a slow paced, ‘get the job done’ breed that is determined to complete the job assigned. As with most large dog breeds, the Alaskan Malamute is can be prone to hip dysplasia as well as growing pains or joint pains. The Malamute may start to show signs of joint pain at age 2 or older. Your vets Aurora, CO can tell you that the Malamute also has two coats. The oily top coat not only keeps moisture away in the winter, but it also deflects dirt and mud. You may see the Malamute often licking himself to keep the top coat clean and well groomed.

More Facts about the Alaskan Malamute

Protecting Your Home from Your Senior Dog

Protecting Your Home from Your Senior Dog

As your dog ages, he becomes less agile and more likely to make mistakes. In actuality your dog may not be as mentally sharp as he once was. Your senior dog may not have forgotten his housetraining. It may be as simple as a fear of stairs or slipping. Anticipate when your dog needs to go out. Installing ramps or non-slip pads may help. Your dog’s eyesight may be faltering so keep paths clear throughout your home so he doesn’t bump into furniture or knock over lamps. Keep the floor clean of small items your dog could mistake for food such as coins or buttons. Your dog’s enthusiasm is probably up to par so watch that you don’t have breakables or important papers where your dog’s tail can swipe them to the floor. Be patient with your senior dog and love him always. Click here to contact your Ellicott, MD vet for more information.

Benefits of Having Your Cat Neutered

Benefits of Having Your Cat Neutered
It may not seem like a big deal not to have your cat neutered, especially if he ventures outside to do all his business, but there are definitely some benefits to scheduling an appointment with your local vet clinic.

Male cats that aren’t fixed love marking their territory. Although they may prefer to spray outside, they won’t hesitate to spray indoors too. Not to mention, they can spray the exterior of your home, making your lawn smell terrible. Neutering your cat is likely to take care of this problem.

Having your male cat neutered will also encourage him to stay closer to home. There’s no need to roam the entire neighborhood looking for a make if he’s fixed!

Spaying and neutering felines is also a great way to cut back on animals that end up in shelters. Schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Costa Mesa, CA to have your cat neutered today!

The Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

The Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog
There are few things more thrilling than adopting a puppy, but there are plenty of benefits associated with adopting an older dog too!

Potty training is one of the most difficult aspects of adopting a puppy. You’ll definitely have to plan on cleaning up a few accidents before your new pup gets the hang of things. This isn’t the case with older dogs. They already know they need to go outside to go potty!

Teaching a puppy basic tricks can be time consuming, but it is extremely important. Most older dogs already have the basics down. Your older dog will probably already know how to sit, lay down, and come on command.

Older dogs also have a lot less energy, which is perfect for older adults and seniors! To learn more about the benefits of adopting an older dog, call your veterinarians Costa Mesa, CA.


Pets in the Workplace

Pets in the Workplace

Bringing pets to the workplace is a relatively new concept when it comes to adding flexibility to your job. There are some definite benefits for you, your pet and your employer. Check with your employer to understand your company’s policy on pets in the workplace. Also ensure that your co-workers don’t have allergies to dogs or cats. And remember your pet must be well behaved and willing to stay in your workstation for a long period of time. Pets help reduce stress since they have a very calming presence. People who bring their pets to work often work longer hours since they don’t need to rush off to get home to care for their pet. And taking breaks throughout the day to cuddle with your cat or walk your dog sometimes offer the respite needed to tackle work tasks with a fresh mind and creative spirit. Learn more from your Animal Hospital Ellicott City MD.

Exercise Tracker for your Boxer

Exercise Tracker for your Boxer

If you workout frequently, you may be familiar with workout watches, bands, clips and other gadgets that track your steps, calories burned, heart rate, etc. But, did you know that there is something similar available for your Boxer? Fitness trackers have recently been introduced as a way for dog owners to track how much exercise their canine companions are getting whether they are with them or not. A new gadget called FitBark can actually track your Boxer’s sleep, movement, and play. The company says the new concept can help “keep your dog healthy, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends and family.” The device comes with an app that allows you to monitor your Boxer’s activity via your Smartphone. This is another great way to encourage yourself and your pup to get up and move! Contact your veterinarian Arlington, TX to learn more.