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How to Diagnose FeLV in Manx Cats

Cats, in general, can be prone to a number of health conditions and illnesses. Some of these conditions may be harmless while others may be severe. Always talk to your vet about taking preventive measures to keep your Manx cat healthy and happy. One virus to keep alert about is the FeLV or the Feline Leukemia Virus. Your vet can tell you one of the best ways to prevent FeLV or catch it early is to have your Manx cat routinely tested. Symptoms of FeLV include pale gums, yellow coloring of the mouth and whites of the eyes, enlarged lymph nodes, bladder infections, skin infections, upper respiratory infections, weight loss, loss of appetite, poor coat condition, weakness, lethargy, fever, diarrhea, etc. Call your pet clinic Guelph, ON if your cat has these symptoms. Only your vet can make a diagnosis of FeLV using a simple blood test.

How to Diagnose FeLV in Manx Cats


Obesity in Black Labradors

People tend to enjoy snacking and when those people are dog owners then they are most likely sharing that snacking moment with their dogs. There’s nothing wrong with sharing an occasional snack with your Black Labrador, but it’s important to monitor just how much you’re sharing. As with people, calories can add up quick and so can the extra pounds. Talk to your vet if you believe your Black Lab may be overweight. You can also do a quick check at home. As a general rule, if you can easily see or feel your Black Lab’s rib bones then he is too thin. If you cannot feel the rib bones beneath a layer of fat then he may be overweight. If you look at your dog from above, he should have a definite waist behind the ribs. Talk to your veterinary clinic Barrie, ON to be sure of your Black Lab’s weight.

Obesity in Black Labradors

Why do some Parrots have Bright Feathers?

Parrots come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some parrots have bright and flashy feathers while other parrots have dim, dull colors. Why? The parrot’s feather color has a lot to do with the environment in which he lives. Parrots with dull feather colors tend to live in environments with similar matching colors. This enables the parrot to blend in with his surroundings and stay out of sight of larger predators. Parrots that have bright, flashy feathers most often live in open tropical environments where they tend to stand out. The Macaws have especially bright blue feathers. These parrots also stand out due to their large size. If you’re looking for a parrot with a particular coloring, talk to your local pet store associate and ask about local parrot breeders. Your veterinary clinic Unionville, ON may also be able to provide assistance in your search for the right parrot. See details here.

Why do some Parrots have Bright Feathers