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Helping your dog cope with change

Your dog is a creature of habit, and he enjoys following the same routine every day. However, this won’t always be possible for him. How can you help him cope with changes?

 Your pet will need you to reassure him of his safety and place within your household during any changes that take place. This will likely mean spending a bit of time with him, and offering support as needed. He likes to follow a routine because it allows him to be able to anticipate activities and transitions. He can also prepare for them, and without this he isn’t sure what is coming up just around the corner. It can be a bit unsettling for your little fur ball to lack control over what’s next. To help with this, you can allow him an adjustment period to get used to the coming tasks. For additional information, please contact your local Indianapolis, IN vet.


Bringing your Black Labrador Puppy Home

You’ve waited for this moment and now it’s finally time to bring your Black Labrador puppy home! Those big black eyes and overly big paws are so adorable that you cannot wait to show him off to friends and family. But what do you do after that? Taking care of a puppy can be a big responsibility. Don’t worry, your vet is only a phone call away. The first thing you need to do when Puppy comes home is to start his training. Everything Puppy sees, hears, and experiences in these first few weeks will set the stage for adulthood. If you haven’t done so already, introduce your puppy to a crate. Show him that this is his safe place where he can sleep, cuddle with toys, and take a break. A crate will go a long way with house training. Contact your veterinary clinic Sayville, NY to set up a first time puppy visit.

Bringing your Black Labrador Puppy Home

Is your dog stuck inside for the day?

Your dog is an important part of your family, and you love being able to make him happy. Since he enjoys spending time outside, you make an effort to bring him out as much as possible. However, this won’t always be possible. How can you keep him busy when he’s stuck inside the house?

 Your pet likes to go outside because he likes the physical and mental stimulation this activity offers. To mimic this inside, try to give him some extra time to interact with you. This will not only help to keep his mind off the fact that he’s indoors, but also give him the chance to bond with you. Try to encourage movement on his part to help him burn off some energy, and make a point to offer games that will be challenging mentally as well. Your local Grand Junction, CO vet can offer additional advice.

Make a dog cake!

Want to celebrate your dog’s birthday, but don’t want to feed him regular cake?

Make a safe-to-eat dog cake out of natural ingredients like shredded carrots, honey, eggs, vanilla and peanut butter! There are a lot of dog recipes to help you celebrate your canine’s life events.

If you have kids, make a “human” cake so they can partake in the festivities. Plus, your children will want to blow out the candles for your dog.

Don’t put chocolate, candies or frosting on the cake for your pup, but you can put it on your kid’s cake! If you’re worried about the mess, make cupcakes so he can eat them in one or two bites. Have him sit on cardboard or newspaper to catch the crumbs.

Before you bake, provide the cake ingredients to your vets Floyds Knob, IN to make sure your dog can consume the cake.

Make a dog cake