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Protecting Your Dog in the Winter

Some dogs love to play outside in the winter snow and mess like small children. You need to protect your dog from hypothermia and frostbite. Limit exposure to cold weather and don’t ever leave your dog outside in the cold unsupervised. Coats and jackets can help keep your dog’s core temperature normal but ears, testicles and the tail are at risk for frostbite. Slips on the ice and falling on stairs in winter conditions can cause serious injuries. Dog booties help protect your dog’s feet from damaging deicing chemicals and provides extra grip on slippery surfaces. Booties also help prevent cuts and scrapes on cold, rough surfaces. Don’t allow your dog off-leash on slippery areas and where there are ponds, lakes or river where your dog could fall through thin ice. Store car antifreeze securely where your dog can’t get to it to prevent poisoning. For more information, contact your Atlanta, GA veterinarian.

Protecting Your Dog in the Winter


Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training keeps your puppy safe from dangers in a human home and also protects your home from your puppy. Set up your puppy’s crate as a lair to go to for safety and a respite from the household hubbub. Place a favorite blanket or soft cushion inside along with a number of toys and treats. Let your dog come explore the crate while you are home. Practice closing the door for a few seconds and slowly build up the time your dog spends in the crate. Don’t leave your dog in the crate for long periods of time. Have a friend or neighbor stop by if you’ll be away for long. Your dog needs access to water while in a closed crate. Don’t respond if he cries in the crate or you will reward that behavior. Calm him through the cage and then let him out. Learn more from your Lawrenceville, GA veterinary clinic.

Treats for your cat

Treats for your cat

Your cat is a wonderful companion, and you love being able to offer her a special snack every once in a while. However, this doesn’t mean the treats that you give her have to adversely impact her health. In fact, you can find treats that will give her some added nutrients to help supplement her usual food intake.

To find the best treats for your cat, first take a look at her regular food. She may be in need of a few specific nutrients that you can find in a treat to help her get a complete diet. She also may be in need of just some general nutritional boosting, so take the time to evaluate her treats based on the traditional standards you’ve held for her food. Natural, whole food ingredients should be featured on the label, as well as any preferences your cat seems to have. Your Veterinarian Mt. Olive NJ can offer additional guidance.

A Cat’s Paws Are Very Sensitive

You may have wondered why cats are never that keen when you touch or fiddle with their paws. Their paws are very sensitive because each paw pad has many nerve endings; this means they are extremely sensitive sense organs that can also help cats maintain their balance and become efficient hunters. In a way, cats explore the world through their paw pads; they are able to feel the pressure, texture, and even vibrations that can help them track down prey.

However, it is also this extreme sensitivity that makes cats more susceptible to changes in their environment, including fluctuations of pressure and temperature. The paw pads are not very well-insulated, so cat’s paws can feel a lot of pain and discomfort. Walking on very cold and frozen surface as well as very hot pavements can easily damage cat’s paws.

Checking your cat’s paws every day and regular visits to your South Miami, FL vet clinic are highly recommended for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

A Cat's Paws Are Very Sensitive

Important Reasons To Keep Your Dog Free From Stress And Depression

While dogs are highly social creatures, there are experiences that can overwhelm them, making them stressed and depressed. Here is one simple way to ensure that your pet won’t be bombarded with stressors in his environment that can potentially have an important impact on his health and wellbeing.

Stay away from dog parks or doggy daycares that are overpopulated. Most dogs hate being in the middle of a mob of strange dogs, where some may be pushy while others are fearful. Dogs are more comfortable being with dogs they trust and are familiar with. Being in a small place with other dogs can increase tension and dogs may take days to recover from such crowds. For your outdoor excursions, look for a dog park with fewer canine visitors, or doggy daycare facilities that limit only 6-8 dogs in a 1000-square foot of space (minimum).

Ask your South Miami, FL veterinarian regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.

Little girl hugging retriever in the field, looking into the distance

Helping a cat living with arthritis stay comfortable

Helping a cat living with arthritis stay comfortable

Your cat is important to you, and you want to make sure she is comfortable in your living area. This is particularly true when it comes to your pet’s senior years. Arthritis is a common ailment impacting the lives of many cats, and causing them to need special attention in order to keep her from becoming uncomfortable.

To do this, make sure you are vigilant in your pet care. She will likely give signs regarding her changing mobility, and it’s up to you to work with these changing needs. She will likely be unable to be active as long, so shortening play sessions or making them less intense can make a big difference in your pet’s day. You can also take the time to move her belongings to more accessible areas and give her the opportunity to get to things more easily. Click here to consult your local Mt. Olive, NJ veterinarian to know more about arthritis in cats.


Dog Training – Are you at an impasse?

If you think you are putting in a lot of effort into your dog’s training without achieving any desired results, perhaps you are making some training mistakes that are unintentionally made by many pet owners.

You may be accidentally rewarding undesirable behavior. When correcting behaviors that you don’t want, always be consistent with your signals. If you let him jump on you sometimes but scold him at other times, or you are trying to train him to walk on a leash but let him pull at his leash on occasion, you are unintentionally reinforcing undesirable behavior. This can encourage your dog to continue with the behavior. You won’t be able to achieve desired results unless you are consistent with your dog’s training.

Dogs are extremely sensitive creatures and you need to train your pet to focus on you and not be distracted by what’s going on around him. There is a lot of competition for your dog’s attention, they can smell and hear things that humans can’t. The best way to train your dog is to start his training in a quiet environment. You can gradually increase the destructions as your dog learns, so he will learn to focus and perform despite the distractions around him.

Talk with your South Miami, FL vet if you are having problems with your pet’s behavior.

Dog Training - Are you at an impasse

Reducing dog hair in your home

Reducing dog hair in your home

Your dog needs you to care for him as best you can. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that you also need to care for yourself and your home. To help minimize the amount of dog hair in your living space, take the time to help your pet be as healthy as he can be. A proper diet and exercise routine can help avoid unnecessary shedding and leave you with less shed fur to combat. You can then try to brush your pet more regularly to remove the fur that is shed in a controlled manner. Utilize a brush made for your dog’s fur type to get the best results. Opting for cleaning tools made for dealing with messes left behind from pets can also be a great way to keep your pet clean. For additional information, please contact your local Mt. Olive NJ Vet.

Choosing the right cat carrier for your pet

Your cat relies on you to keep her safe, regardless of the situation around you. This means that you will need to make an effort to shield your pet from harm, both at home and on the go. When you are out and about, your pet will need to be in an appropriate carrier to help keep her safe from harm. Depending on her size and behavior in her carrier, there are two types you can choose from. Soft fabric options work best for smaller cats that are calm when placed into them, and hard plastic options are available for those of larger size, or that are more rambunctious. Both can be easy to clean, but the former tends to be a bit easier to store when not in use as it can fold up to take up less room. Your local Wake Forest, NC vet can offer additional guidance.

Choosing the right cat carrier for your pet

Making your own dog treats

Your dog is an important part of your family, and you want to offer her something special every now and then. Treats can be a great way to give her something different that you know she will be interested in. Making your own treats can offer your pet something special while still keeping things healthy. Homemade treats can give you the opportunity to tailor your pet’s preferences to an ideal food item. It also lets you know exactly what your pet is eating. To begin making treats for your pet, start by researching ingredients that will help supplement your dog’s regular diet. Opt for some tried and true recipes to begin with, and you can fine-tune them to your pet’s needs when you get the hang of everything. Your local Wake Forest, NC vet clinic can help you care for your pet. See details here.

Making your own dog treats