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Can Your Pet Benefit From Regular Massage Sessions?

Massage has long been considered a traditional therapeutic regimen that promotes positive benefits to humans and pets alike. It is an excellent complement for treatment and medications prescribed for specific health conditions.

Important Reasons for Pet Massage

  • Massage stimulates the body and boosts the function of the systems of the body including the circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems.
  • Regular massage improves the body’s range of motion, reduces muscular spasms, loosens stiff muscles, regulate heart rate, and help in the elimination of toxins from the body, boosts oxygen and delivery of nutrients to body cells.
  • Massage supports post-surgery healing.
  • Massage can help provide relief from depression and anxiety by reducing the body’s production of stress hormones.

Consult with your Flower Mound, TX vet to know more about the benefits of a good therapeutic massage on your pet. Visit this website to know more pet care information.


When Your Guinea Pig Bites You

When Your Guinea Pig Bites You

Guinea pigs are gentle creatures and generally don’t bite their owners. However on occasion, you may get nipped. Most guinea pig bites happen when you are feeding your pig. He may get very excited and hop around when he sees you approaching with food. When you put the food into the cage your pig may mistake your finger for a piece of food and bite you. Similarly, when you are holding your guinea pig, he may bite your hand if it smells like food so take care to wash your hands before handling your pig. Your guinea pig may also nibble on your clothes when you are holding him. He doesn’t know the difference between appropriate chew toys in the cage and your clothing. Your piggy may also bite if handled incorrectly or in a rough way so take care in handling and supervise children with your pig. Read more from your Veterinary Clinic Savannah GA.

How Often Should A Senior Pet Visit The Veterinarian?

Pets of all ages benefit from regular wellness visits to the veterinarian. Most annual health checks are scheduled on a specific date of the year. Make sure you remember the date or have the clinic remind you so that you can prepare well ahead of time. The importance of these visits to the animal’s health and wellbeing should never be taken for granted, thus it is the responsibility of every pet owner to make an effort to bring their pets to the animal hospital for wellness checks.

During health checks, your pet will undergo a thorough physical exam. Your vet may also recommend some tests. It is a fact that many health problems are detected during wellness visits. This is one important reason for your pet’s annual check. Early detection and diagnosis will increase the chance of a favorable prognosis and recovery. As for senior dogs, they will need more visits to the North Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, especially if they are suffering from health problems that need regular monitoring.