What to Do If Your Dog Steps on Something Sharp

Canine paw pads are pretty tough. After all, they walk around on them all day without shoes or socks! However, they are quite sensitive, which can make stepping on something sharp painful. Here’s how you should deal with an injury on your pup’s paw.

First, make sure that whatever he stepped on is removed. It’s obvious that glass should be removed carefully, but it’s actually more common for dogs to step on a bur.

If there’s blood, clean the wound thoroughly. Betadine is an option, but there are other methods of cleaning out the wound. Then, apply an antibacterial crème and dress the wound. You may have to tape a sock over the bandage to keep your dog from messing with it.

If the wound seems severe, you should plan a visit with your veterinarian Montgomery, TX right away. Or schedule an appointment at this website Lake Conroe – Lakeway Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic.

What to Do If Your Dog Steps on Something Sharp


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