Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Dogs love to run after thrown balls but may not want to bring it back to you. Start by rewarding the handoff so it becomes consistent. While your dog is on a leash, hand your dog a ball and then wait him out till he drops it into your hand or to the ground. Enthusiastically praise your dog and give him back the ball. Repeat over and over. Never pull the ball from your dog’s mouth. You may need to offer a treat in exchange for the ball. Next toss the ball a little further away but still within the length of your dog’s leash. Increase the distance and drop the leash if the ball is out of reach. Continue as long as you get successful results. Eventually you’ll be able to throw the ball for your dog to fetch and bring to you reliably. Learn more from your Vet Savannah GA.


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