Red-Eared Sliders in the House

Red-Eared Sliders in the House
It’s important to exercise your Red-Eared slider on a routine basis. Many owners like to do this by allowing their turtle to have free range in the yard at times. If you want to allow your Red-Eared Slider more roaming time, ask your vet for suggestions on where to allow your Red-Eared Slider to roam freely. In general, the type of Red-Eared Slider you own will determine whether or not he can roam around the house in a secure location or even freely. For instance, land dwellers such as the tortoise enjoy large areas to roam whether indoors or outdoors. However, as with any pet, they need supervision as they may eat something on the floor and either choke or become ill. Red-Eared Sliders that swim most often get their exercise from swimming. Talk to your veterinary clinic Indianapolis, IN for tips and suggestions about allowing your turtle to roam.


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