Common Encountered Problems When Traveling With Pets


Bringing along a pet on a road trip entails adequate planning and preparation.  If it’s a long trip, you may have to spend the night in a hotel with your pet. So, make sure to call the hotel or motel and inquire if pets are allowed inside their rooms. Planning your itinerary will enable you to make timely stopovers and reserve accommodations in pet-friendly hotels.

It is a good idea to make a list of pet-friendly establishments on your route and go online to read reviews about each. You can also ask other pet owners for recommendations and feedbacks. Since some hotels allocate limited rooms for clients with pets, make sure to call ahead and inquire about their policies regarding pets. Some establishments only allow cats and small dogs.

When you are already in your hotel room, the first thing you have to do is check for possible escape or exit routes before letting your dog or cat loose inside the room.

Bring your pet to your Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian before long road trips to ensure that your pet’s vaccination record is up-to-date.


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