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Important Reasons For Puppy Socialization

Akita Inu

A puppy that has undergone proper socialization at the right time has lesser chances of developing behavior problems than those that receive inadequate socialization or none at all. Puppy socialization should start as the puppies turn 7-8 weeks old. Socialization involves taking steps to expose puppies to different sights, sounds, scents, people, other dogs, and animals, and try to make the experience as positive as possible. These experiences will empower the puppies to adjust well to various situations that they will encounter later in life. Dogs that receive poor socialization often react with anxiety or fear when they encounter new or strange things.

Dogs are social creatures and their instincts as pack animals are still very strong thus they benefit from constant interaction and companionship with other members of the pack. Puppies should not be overwhelmed with lots of situations all at once while they are still undergoing socialization for these can be overpowering for them. Aside from socialization, bringing your pet to your Animal Hospital Olathe KS for regular health checks will help ensure your pet’s health and wellbeing.


Why You Should Think Twice about Shaving Your Dog

Why You Should Think Twice about Shaving Your Dog

Shaving your dog might be the right solution if he has trouble with matting, but it isn’t always a good choice. Here are a few reasons why you might want to think twice about shaving your dog.

Some dogs are easily chilled, which can make life pretty miserable if the temperature outside is low and they are missing their warm coat. This is especially true of small dogs, like Chihuahuas. If you have to shave your dog, consider putting a sweater on him before you go outside.

You should also consider the aesthetics of your decision. Although shaving is important to some breed standards, it isn’t any fun to pet a bald dog!

Need some help deciding whether or not you should shave your dog? Visit with your veterinarian Greenwood, IN. They can also provide you with a list of groomers in the area if you do decide to shave your dog.

Managing Gingivitis in Maine Coon Cats

Managing Gingivitis in Maine Coon Cats
Did you know that if your Maine Coon cat has been diagnosed with gingivitis then there are a few lifestyle changes you can implement to help treat the gum disease? For instance, if your Maine Coon is eating a soft or wet cat food, you should consider switching her to a hard morsel cat food. Crunching on hard morsels naturally helps break down plaque build-up. You should also start brushing your Maine Coon cat’s teeth at home on a regular basis. Your vet can show you how to brush your cat’s teeth and can also give you veterinary approved toothpaste. Ask your vet about using antibacterial spray designed to be sprayed on your cat’s teeth to reduce plaque build-up as well. Additional aids for clean teeth include feeding treats that are designed to keep your cat’s teeth clean and her breath fresh. Talk to your veterinarian Thousand Oaks, CA for more tips.

Can You Give Your Cat a Flu Shot?

Can You Give Your Cat a Flu Shot

Although the feline flu is much different than the flu that we get, it can still have long-lasting negative effects on your furry friend. Is there any way you can guard against the flu with a feline flu shot?

There are feline flu shots, and you should definitely consider asking about them. The flu in felines is actually a respiratory infection that is most commonly caused by feline herpes virus-1 or feline calicivirus.

The flu can be especially dangerous to pets with low immune systems, including kittens, because the flu can quickly turn into pneumonia. Cats can also become carriers once initially infected, shedding the virus into the environment when stressed.

There are a few different vaccines that you may want to consider, so it is important to schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Greenwood, IN to discuss all your options.

Vaccinating your Finch

Vaccinating your Finch
When you first buy or adopt your Finch you should make sure to ask the former owner or pet store associate if the bird has received any vaccinations. As with dogs and cats, vaccines differ from region to region. In general, the only vaccine that birds need is the Polyomavirus vaccine. The Polyomavirus is a virus that can affect a bird’s organs and other parts of its body. Baby birds are the most susceptible to this virus and rarely survive. The vaccination schedule should be given to baby birds at five to seven weeks of age. Juvenile and adult birds can be infected by the virus, but are most often able to overcome the virus and make a full recovery. It’s important to keep infected birds separated as the virus can easily spread. Talk to your veterinary clinic Thousand Oaks, CA for more information.

Can You Moisturize a Cat?

Can You Moisturize a Cat

When the temperature drops and the air gets dry, it’s easy for your skin to get dry too. Did you know that cats can struggle with dry skin? You may be wondering if there’s any way that you can moisturize a dry cat.

You can moisturize a cat, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking. First, you won’t be able to apply moisturizer to a cat that’s covered in hair! However, paw pads can get extremely dry. They can even crack. This is an area of your cat that’s easy to moisturize.

Even if you shave your cat, you should never shave a cat bald, which makes moisturizing a feline difficult. If your cat suffers from dry skin, you’ll have to focus on tweaking his diet instead of applying lotion.

You can also give your cat supplements. To learn more, click here, or call your vet clinic Greenwood, IN.

Showing your Finch

Showing your Finch.jpg
Do you own a Finch? If so, have you ever thought about showing your Finch in an official bird show? If you’ve thought about it then you should definitely attend a bird show to find out what’s involved in showing. You may also want to connect with other Finch enthusiasts and ask them about their experience in showing including how they got started. You may discover that you will need to join a particular bird association in order to qualify to show. If you need to register with that particular association first, send an inquiry to learn what steps are needed to register your Finch. Once registered, you should have access to sign up for shows. Note that the association may require you to attend one of their shows before entering. There may also be additional registration required. If you need information about your bird, contact your vet Thousand Oaks, CA for records, etc.

Do Bearded Dragons Need to Be Bathed?

Every pet needs a bath, but the baths they require can vary widely from animal to animal. How exactly do you bathe a bearded dragon?

Some bearded dragons may need daily baths, especially if you don’t mist the items in his cage. That’s because bearded dragons pick up most of their moisture from the environment.

Fortunately, bathing your pet is really easy. All you have to do is fill the sink, tub, or a plastic basin with a few inches of water. No soap is needed, but you should make sure that the water temperature measures 95 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you notice that your pet is shedding, consider using a sterilized toothbrush or wash rag to help scrub away some of the dead skin, but be gentle!

For more bathing tips, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ.

Do Bearded Dragons Need to Be Bathed

Moving with an Older Cat

Moving is stressful for every animal, but it’s especially stressful for cats. That stress is further exacerbated if your feline is old. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your move goes as smoothly for your elderly furry friend as possible.

Packing can be very stressful for an old kitty. During the transition, consider placing your cat in a single room in your home that hasn’t been packed up yet.

After the rest of the house has been packed and you’re ready to move, set up one room in the new home that will act as your cat’s home base. Then, transport him safely to the new house before you pack up the last room in your old home.

After a week or two, you can consider allowing your cat to explore his new home. For more tips, click here, or visit with your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ.

Moving with an Older Cat

Signs That You Aren’t Ready for a Dog

Adding a dog to your family might be a great idea, but it can also be a bad idea. Here are a few signs that you’re not ready for a dog.

First, consider how much time you have for a dog. A canine should only be left alone for six to eight hours a day. If you work long hours, or if you prefer to go out for drinks with friends after a long day at the office, you aren’t ready for a dog.

Cost is an important consideration as well. Startup costs when adopting a dog can be quite steep. In addition to paying for the dog, you’ll have to pay for all the food and accessories he needs to get a good start in your home. You’ll also have to pay for regular veterinary care.

For professional advice, call your vet Scottsdale, AZ.

Signs That You Aren't Ready for a Dog