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What dog breed is right for your family?

What dog breed is right for your family
Your family loves animals, and is preparing to bring a dog into your home. This means that you will need to determine what breed best fits the lifestyle of your family.

To do this, you will need to be aware of the life you live, and be able to look at it objectively. You will want to make an educated decision regarding what you can handle for care, and what type of animal will be able to thrive in your household. Otherwise, you may end up with a pet that overwhelms your family with care needs and doesn’t exactly fit nicely into the home you’ve established. Since every dog will have different care requirements, you need to decide what your family can comfortably handle, and who will tackle what responsibilities and when. Your local Livonia, MI vet clinic can offer additional guidance.



Choosing outfits for your dog

Choosing outfits for your dog
Your dog is an important part of your household, and you want to make sure she has everything she needs in order to live a fulfilling life. Since you’re into fashion, you’ve wanted to bring your dog into the world of clothing, but aren’t exactly sure how to do this. Where do you start?

Since there are many options for canine clothing on the market today, you will have many different choices when it comes to clothing for your pet. Functional items include jackets and boooties to keep your pet warm and dry, but this isn’t all that’s offered. Your dog can also help you cheer on your favorite sports team, have a look all her own, or match what you’ve decided to wear for the day. Be sure to choose options that fit well, so your pet will be comfortable. Your local Livonia, MI veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more now.

Enjoying your time with your cat

Enjoying your time with your cat
Your cat is a wonderful part of your family, and you treasure the time you spend with her. However, you don’t always have all the time you’d like to spend in her company. How can you make the most of the time you do have?

When spending time with your pet, try to find activities that you will both find enjoyable. This means that you will be coming to a compromise about what you are going to do together, and allowing yourselves to bond in the process. Your pet will benefit from your undivided attention, and you will be able to really engage with your pet if you minimize your distractions prior to settling down for some playtime. Try to go with the flow, and seize interaction opportunities as they arise. For additional information, please contact your local Livonia, MI vet.

Is It Okay to Get Mad at Your Cat and Punish Him?

Is It Okay to Get Mad at Your Cat and Punish Him

No matter how much we love our furry friends, they sure can make us mad sometimes! You may think that the best way to communicate your anger is to take it out on your cat, but this is actually a bad idea.

There are lots of ways our cats can make us mad. From going potty on the floor to yowling incessantly in the middle of the night, cats sure know how to push our buttons! Although you might be tempted to give your cat a whack, it will only make things worse.

Your cat won’t understand why he’s getting punished. Instead of associating the punishment with his actions, he’ll associate the punishment with you, which will cause him to associate you with fear.

Instead, work on positive reinforcement techniques. To learn more, call your Veterinarians Westlake Village CA.