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How Often Should Your Dog Have a Dental Exam?

Caring for your dog’s health may not be as easy as you think. Did you know that canines need regular dental examinations? The frequency in which he needs a professional teeth cleaning might surprise you as well.

Your dog’s dental health can have a huge impact on his overall health. It isn’t uncommon for dogs to develop gum disease, which can make chewing very painful. To make sure that your dog doesn’t develop this disease, you should plan to schedule a dental appointment for your pup twice a year.

During this appointment, your vet will thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth. At this time, your vet may also provide you with advice on brushing your pet’s teeth at home.

You can also buy teeth cleaning treats for your pet! To learn more about your pet’s teeth, click here, or contact your vet Shawnee, KS.


Choking in Rex Guinea Pigs

Choking can be a scary occurrence for both the guinea pig and the owner. If you think your Rex guinea pig is choking call your vet right away. Follow your vet’s instructions for stopping the choke and dislodging any food or other foreign objects from the Rex guinea pig’s throat. Some vets may suggest running a hot shower so that your guinea pig can breathe in steam as a way to relax his muscles and dislodge the object causing the choke. In a few instances, the modified Heimlich maneuver has worked to dislodge food stuck in the throat. Make sure you ask your vet before trying either of these methods. Also schedule a check up afterwards to make sure no damage was caused by the choke. In addition, make sure your Rex guinea pig is able to chew his pellets appropriately and always cut vegetables and treats into tiny pieces. Talk to your vet Flint, MI for more details.

Choking in Rex Guinea Pigs

Can Human Bug Spray be used on Basset Hounds?

There are numerous bug repellent products available for humans, but can any of those products be used on your Basset Hound? If you want to know if a certain insect repellent is safe to use on dogs, call your vet and discuss your options with him. Some pet owners have been told by their vet that certain insect repellents are OK to use on dogs; however, do not assume this is true for all dogs. Always consult your vet before using any kind of spray or chemical spray on your Basset Hound. DEET is a common ingredient in human insect repellent and should not be sprayed on dogs. If your dog ingests DEET call your vet right away. Signs and symptoms of DEET ingestion include drooling, wobbly gait, seizures, vomiting and loss of appetite. Call your veterinarian Flint, MI if your dog has any of these symptoms.

Can Human Bug Spray be used on Basset Hounds