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Sneezing in Chinese Hamsters

If you think your Chinese hamster is sneezing or if you hear him making little sneezing sounds on a routine basis, give your vet a call to schedule a check-up. Sneezing is not uncommon in Chinese hamsters. As in humans, a sneeze can be caused by a simple irritation in the nose or throat and is often a normal occurrence for hamsters. Excessive sneezing; however, could be due to allergies, a cold or even the development of an infection. Check to see if your Chinese hamster has a runny nose or watery eyes. Watch his behaviors and try to determine if he is lethargic in any way. Watch out for coughing and a decrease in appetite as well. It’s important to let your vet know if your Chinese hamster has any of these symptoms. If he is developing a cold, care from your veterinarian Flushing, MI is needed right away to prevent possible pneumonia.

Sneezing in Chinese Hamsters


Does your cat really need a collar?

Does your cat really need a collar

Your cat is a wonderful part of your family, and you want to make sure you offer her everything she needs. There are also a lot of things on the market that she simply doesn’t need. However, a collar isn’t one of them. Many people wonder if their cat really needs a collar since they aren’t going to be hooking a leash to it, not realizing that their cat’s collar serves other purposes as well. Your cat’s collar is designed to let other people know that she has a loving home with people who are looking out for her. It also houses her identification tags that will help bring her home if she ever becomes separated from you. This makes her collar quite important, particularly for cats that spend a lot of time outside. Your Veterinarian Montgomery County TX vet can offer additional advice.

Nose Bleeds in Himalayan Rabbits

Nose bleeds are not a typical occurrence in Himalayan rabbits; however, when the air is dry it is possible for rabbits to have a nose blood much in the same manner humans do. If your Himalayan’s nose is bleeding, call your vet right away as this could be an indication of a more serious illness. Generally, nose bleeds in rabbits occur due to three abnormalities including a blood clotting disorder, a space-occupying tumor, or organ disease. It’s important to call your vet immediately as there can be complications due to a nose bleed including anemia from loss of blood, respiratory problems, or digestive problems if blood is swallowed. Your veterinary clinic Flushing, MI should be able to help you find a cause of the nose bleed and determine a course of treatment. Be patient as a number of tests may be run to rule out diseases and infection. To learn more, visit this link.

Nose Bleeds in Himalayan Rabbits

Your Parakeet’s Cage

Your Parakeet’s Cage

Your parakeet’s cage should be large enough for your bird to hop around from perch to perch and fly a bit. When choosing a cage the bigger, the better but check that the bars are no more than 1/2-inch apart. Place the cage in a warm place in your home with no drafts. If possible, put the cage with a wall behind it to make your bird feel more secure. Choose a room with lots of traffic in the daytime so your bird has lots of stimulation. Provide toys to keep your bird busy but not so many that it becomes difficult to move around. Food and water bowls can hang from the side of the cage. Check these bowls often to make sure they haven’t gotten contaminated with droppings or food. Cuttlebones will provide nutrients and keep your parakeet’s beak trim. For more information, contact your Newport Beach, CA veterinarian.


Your Skinny Old Cat

Your Skinny Old CatAs your cat ages, she might begin to lose some weight. She may need some help grooming. Her metabolism may change but her activity level may not. Some thinness in senior cats can be attributed to just getting old. However, there are a number of issues older cats are prone to that can cause weight loss. Your cat may be eating and drinking pretty normally. She may have normal urination and defecation. And her activity level may be the same or even increased. Hyperthyroidism, diabetes or liver and kidney issues can be affecting your cat. There may even be more serious conditions such as cancer. Some of these conditions can be controlled with medication or changes in diet. Others may require more invasive treatments. Make an appointment with your Newport Beach, CA vet for evaluation to see if your kitty is just a skinny old cat or one that needs medical care.

Paying Attention to your Boxer’s Poop

Watching your Boxer poop may be a disgusting habit, but it pays to take note of how your dog’s poop looks. Just ask your vet and he will most likely agree that you can tell a lot about your Boxer simply by looking at your Boxer’s poop. For instance, if you notice your dog is straining to poop or his poop appears to be hard then he may be constipated. Or, if you see that your dog’s poop is very dark and may be bloody then he could have a serious medical illness that requires a vet’s attention right away. Knowing what your Boxer’s poop should look like can help save his life especially when you notice that something is not normal. Even when you’re not sure, collect a sample in a sealed baggy and call your vet Flushing, MI to schedule a check-up.

Paying Attention to your Boxer's Poop

Naming Your Puppy

Naming Your Puppy
Naming your puppy is an important task since you will be calling your dog many times a day throughout your dog’s life. It should be something that is easy to say so keep it short – one or two syllables – and something all household members are comfortable calling out loud. Choose a name that does not sound like any obedience commands or names of other household members or objects. Some people choose a physical characteristic or nationality of the puppy’s breed such as Peanut or Otto. Names can reflect a positive personality. Movie, TV and book character names are popular, as are nostalgic names of childhood pets. And lots of people choose traditional people names. Whatever name you pick, use the name consistently. People will often have a formal name for their dogs and a number of nicknames. Try to reinforce your dog’s primary name. Learn more from Newport Beach, CA pet clinic.

Cat collar basics

Your cat needs a collar, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the options on the market. How can you narrow down your choices a bit?

When it comes to collars, you’ll want to focus on your pet’s comfort level. Cats are known for slipping out of their collars, and the more comfortable she is wearing one, the less likely she will be to try and remove it. Opt for a lightweight collar that fits her well. Many pet stores will be able to help you find the right size collar for your pet, as can your pet’s veterinarian. You also should opt for a collar that has a breakaway feature in case your pet gets caught in any tight situations and needs to sneak out. Fashion should be considered last, but luckily there are many color options available in most pet stores. Your local Portland, OR vet clinic can offer additional guidance.

Cat collar basics

Your cat’s playful habits

Your cat is a great companion, and you really enjoy spending time with him. This is particularly true when it comes to spending time playing with your pet. Because she loves to play with you, you want to make sure you are available whenever she wants to interact with you. But how do you decide on the best activity to take part in?

When it comes to having fun with your cat, don’t stress over the specifics. Let the day take you where it will, and simply enjoy some time together. This means that you will need to take note of how your pet enjoys playing. She will likely enjoy activities that stem from her natural instincts like hunting and chasing after things. These will also help to get her moving, allowing her to get some much-needed exercise. Your local Portland, OR veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more now.

Your cat's playful habits

Why your cat would love a tower to climb on

Your cat enjoys exploring your home, and checking out every inch of her living space. This means that she is not only able to view everything, but also able to take part in activities happening around her territory. Still, it’s nice to have a place to call her own. This is what a cat tower can do for her, as it offers her an area to take part in everything she likes to do in her own space. She can play and scratch on it, or climb to the very top to get a good view of the room around her. She can hide away and get some privacy, as well as offer her a place she can count on always being available to relax in. This multitasking item can be used for so many things, that it will likely become a quick favorite by your pet. For additional information, please contact your local Portland, OR vet.

Why your cat would love a tower to climb on