Your Fat Cat

Obesity in cats can lead to mobility issues and make your cat more susceptible to disease. Check the portion size of your cat’s food and consider purchasing a low-calorie food. Make sure your cat isn’t eating any other pet’s food. Limit treats and include their calories in the total calorie count for the day. Eliminate table scraps since they just add calories and make it hard to keep your cat’s diet balanced. Help your cat get some exercise. Encourage movement by using toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct. Laser pointers and balls incite pouncing and running. Fishing rod toys with a feather lure get your cat excited to jump. Even empty bags and boxes give your cat a place to hide and ambush toys. Raise bowls and beds so your cat needs to climb and jump more. Weight loss will take time so be patient. Contact your Arlington, TX vet to learn more.

Your Fat Cat


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