Teaching Your Mouse to Stand Up and Beg

Mice are quite intelligent and can be taught a number of tricks. To teach your mouse to stand up and beg, you need to use food rewards to lure your mouse into following your commands. Offer the treats before you start training to build some excitement about the special food. When starting to train, show your mouse the treat. Raise the treat slowly in the air over your mouse’s head. As your mouse starts to reach for the treat, give the UP command. Wait till your mouse is fully up and then give him the treat. Practice this often. Next make your mouse wait a little longer and longer between the time he performs the trick and you reward him. This teaches your mouse to hold the pose when you give the UP command. Keep training sessions short and fun and remember to be patient. For more information, contact your Arlington, TX veterinarian.

Teaching Your Mouse to Stand Up and Beg


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