Daily Archives: January 17, 2016

Managing Your Golden Retriever’s Gingivitis


If your Golden Retriever has gingivitis, talk to your vet about different steps you can take to not only clear the infection, but to also prevent it from reoccurring. For instance, try switching your dog to a more solid or dry food as this will help naturally break down plaque build-up. You may also want to ask your vet to show you how to care for your Golden’s teeth at home with professional veterinary toothpaste. In addition, ask your vet about using a veterinary antibacterial spray that can be sprayed on your Golden’s teeth to reduce plaque build-up. This may also help re-fresh your dog’s breath. Additional aids for keeping the gums and teeth clean may also include specially formulated dog treats and chews such as the popular Greenie brand. All of these steps can help manage your Golden’s dental care long-term. Contact your Veterinary Clinic Jacksonville FL for additional suggestions.