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Tips for Keeping Crickets

There are lots of treasured pets that require crickets as a part of their regular diet, but making the trip to the pet store every single time your animal has to eat is a real hassle. Instead, consider keeping crickets in a cage of their very own in your home.

Keep the crickets in a large glass or plastic container. It’s quite easy for crickets to escape, so make sure the container is deep and has a lid that secures tightly.

Place something at the bottom of the cage. Even reptile grass will work. Provide the crickets with a place to hide. Cut up egg cartons are often used at the pet store.

Feed your crickets fish food or dry dog kibble. Keep a damp paper towel in the cage for water.

For help raising and keeping crickets, click here, or talk with your veterinarian Braselton, GA.

Tips for Keeping Crickets


Picking and Petting a Pregnant Cat

A pregnant cat can become so clingy and may try to find ways to seek their owner’s attention. This may be caused by the surge in hormonal changes she is experiencing during the course of her pregnancy. However, there are some pregnant cats that prefer to spend time tucked away in places where they feel safe, warm, and comfortable. Because of the precarious state a pregnant cat is in, you should be extra careful when picking or handling her. As much as possible, avoid touching your pregnant cat’s belly unless you really need to.

 The tummy of a pregnant kitty is an extremely-sensitive part of her body and if she is not handled with care, she might end up with a lot of pain and discomfort. You might even unintentionally hurt the unborn kittens if you pick her up too roughly, or if she squirms out of your hands and falls to the floor. If you really need to pick her up, position one arm on her rear end and the other hand on her chest.

 Don’t forget to bring your pregnant cat to your Jacksonville Beach, FL animal hospital for regular wellness checks.


Considerations Regarding Your Pet Cat’s Bed And Play Equipment

Cats prefer having multiple sleeping spots, areas where they prefer to spend time napping and sleeping the day away. More often than not, it is a good idea to give your cat the chance to find the best locations in the house and place some bedding in these spots. This will spare you from having to buy a nice and expensive kitty bed, only to watch your furball turn his nose at it and favor something less comfortable.

While cats vary in their tastes and preferences when it comes to selecting resting spots, most cats prefer cozy, elevated places. Kitty condos, a space on top of your cabinet, or a perch by the window are among the top favorites. They are unlikely to find spots near litter trays as well as food and water bowls comfortable to sleep or rest in. If your cat is not using a particular bed, try placing it in another spot. Soft beddings need to be washed occasionally but try not to wash your pet’s bedding too regularly, particularly using strongly-scented detergents, because your cat may find the scent objectionable.

Bring your pet to your Perkasie, PA animal hospital for a regular wellness check. Click here to know more about your pet’s needs and set an appointment.

Vaccinations and Pregnant Cats

If you have plans about breeding your cat, you should make sure that your pet is up-to-date on her boosters and vaccinations before pregnancy. Being immune to specific health disorders enables a mother to pass on this immunity to her offspring via her milk when the kittens start suckling. In other words, if your cat has completed her vaccinations when you have her mated, this will guarantee that her maternal antibodies are at their peak which is better for her litter. Your veterinarian can also conduct a blood test to determine whether your cat’s antibody levels are high or low so you will know whether your cat needs to be vaccinated again or not.

 Some types of vaccines cannot be administered to pregnant cats, so it is a good idea to make sure your female cat is fully up-to-date before you have her mated. However, if your cat becomes pregnant without completing all the required vaccinations, you can always talk with your Diamond Bar, CA veterinarian about your worries or concerns.

Ways To Create The Right Social Environment For Your Dog

Dogs are social creatures and they are most comfortable when they are around people and dogs that are familiar to them. Here are some ways to create the right social environment for your dog:

Get another dog

Getting another dog means your resident dog and the new dog can keep each other company while you are out of the house during the day. The older dog will also serve as the role model and mentor of the younger dog when it comes to housetraining, obedience, and learning the overall daily routine of the household. As much as possible avoid bringing home two puppies at the same time because the mentoring effect will not be possible, and you will end up teaching two puppies instead of one.

 Find local dog-friends for your dog

 Arrange play dates with other neighborhood dogs. These are excellent opportunities to feed their social needs.

 Go for a “clan” walk

 When your dog has formed a “clan” with other dogs, it is a good idea to arrange a clan walk. This is an excellent opportunity to feed their social needs while exploring the outdoors with other dogs. These excursions give them a sense of dog community and camaraderie.

 Know more about how to take care of your pet’s needs by visiting your Folsom, CA veterinary clinic.  Click here to find out more.

Things To Do During The Last Two Weeks Of A Cat’s Pregnancy

As your cat’s expected date of delivery approaches, preparations should be made to prevent last minute hassles. If you allow your cat outdoors, it is a good idea to keep her inside just in case she might decide to have her kittens outdoors. Prepare a room or a quiet and comfortable area in the house for your cat; when the place appeals to your cat’s fussy tastes, you will soon find her “nesting”, a process of preparing the place where she will be giving birth to her kittens.

You can place a cardboard box in the place that you have chosen for your cat’s delivery, making sure it is big enough to accommodate your cat and her kittens, and prevent them from falling or escaping out of the box. Make sure the box is sturdy enough so it won’t tip over when the mother cat jumps in and out of it.

Bring your pet to your Puyallup, WA animal hospital for regular wellness checks. Click here to know more about your pet’s needs and set an appointment.

How to Introduce Two Rabbits

How to Introduce Two Rabbits

Rabbits love living with each other! The trick is in introducing them properly so they become fast friends.

Although two females and two males can become friends, if you want to give your buns the best chance, make sure you choose a male and a female. Then, have them both fixed so they aren’t tempted to mate with each other.

Make sure your rabbits feel comfortable in their new surroundings before you introduce them, which means they will need separate cages at first. Then, you can introduce them slowly by bringing them into a neutral area with your supervision.

Continue with daily meetings, increasing the time they spend together until you feel confident placing them in the same cage together.

For more professional tips on ensuring that your two rabbits get along, visit with your Veterinarian Terre Haute, IN.

Using Dog Treats to Preserve Your Lawn

Getting the perfect lawn is quite a challenge, which is why it is extremely frustrating when your dog prances outside to go potty and ruins a spot of perfectly green grass! If you want to maintain the best lawn on the block, try feeding your dog special lawn preserving treats.

Dogs with high nitrogen content in their urine can greatly damage grass. Instead of making your dog go potty in a special area of your lawn, you can provide him with treats that contain yucca schidigera, biotin, and B vitamins. Some even contain green tea.

Not only will these treats help prevent burns on your lawn, they can actually enhance it! Just make sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Want to learn more about your dog’s waste and your lawn. Your veterinarian Braselton, GA can provide you with more information.

Using Dog Treats to Preserve Your Lawn

Innovative Cat Toys

There are certain cat toys that you likely already have in your arsenal at home. Fluffy mice are a favorite among most cats, but you’re also likely to have more interactive toys as well, like laser pointers and wand toys. If you want to try something a little different, bring home one of these innovative cat toys.

Many of the most innovative cat toys are electronic. Some of them are able to mimic the movements of prey, while others may use a spot of light to get your cat’s attention. Robotic mice are a lot of fun because you get to control its movements!

Puzzle toys are gaining in popularity. Some of these toys only release a treat if the right button is pushed, or the right object in a box is moved out of the way.

Your veterinarian Braselton, GA can provide you with more information.

Innovative Cat Toys

My Budgie has a Swollen Eye

My Budgie has a Swollen Eye

If you notice your Budgie’s eye looks red or swollen call your vet right away. It’s best never to assume that an eye infection or injury will heal by itself. Always talk to your vet. A swollen or irritated eye may be the result of an injury either directly to the eye or to the head. Often times a Budgie’s eye will bulge or appear swollen if there is built up pressure coming from behind the eye. Your vet may need to examine your Budgie to find out what the exact cause of the swelling is. If it is general swelling due to an allergy or an irritant in the eye, your vet may flush the eye repeatedly with water or a sterile saline solution. Pet birds tend to have a variety of eye injuries due to their size and the habitats they live in. Your veterinarian Thousand Oaks, CA can tell you more.