Health Issues of Pixie Bobs

One of the most striking felines in the world is the Pixie Bob. Most are born with very short tails or no tail at all. They also have very endearing ways; they are always on the lookout for opportunities to chat with their owners, punctuating their meowing with chirps and growls. Like other breeds of cats with very short tails or stumps for tails, the Pixie Bob has a higher risk of developing spinal problems that can lead to the deformity at the tip of their spine. This is one reason why many of these cats don’t have tails like other breeds of cats. The Manx cat is another tailless breed that can suffer from a similar condition called “Manx syndrome”. The negative effect of this physical trait can also give rise to neurological issues. To prevent potential problems, breeders should refrain from mating two tailless Pixie Bobs to reduce the chances of having offspring that possess very severe spinal or neurological health problems.

 Bring your pet to your Sayville, NY animal hospital for a regular wellness check.



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