Eating People Food Can Be Potentially Risky For Pet Cats

Most human foods are on the fatty side and this can potentially cause serious digestive problems to cats; in some instances, it could even be fatal. Fatty food can negatively impact the pancreas, causing a fatal condition called pancreatitis. Cats suffering from chronic pancreatitis need immediate veterinary attention to save their lives.

To avoid offering your food to your pet during mealtimes, keep lots of healthy treats nearby. However, even healthy treats should be handed out in moderation for these are additional sources of caloric intake. If you are not too careful about giving treats to your kitty, you may soon end up with an overweight or obese pet which can have higher risks of developing health issues. Too much weight can have a negative effect on a cat’s longevity because carrying excess pounds will seriously impact the function of the heart, thereby putting a strain on their important organs of the body.

For more information about your pet’s dietary needs visit your Carmel, IN veterinarian. Visit this website to know more about pets and their basic needs.


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