Dog Grooming Basics – Hand Stripping

Hand stripping involves the removal of the dog’s dead hair from the roots, instead of trimming or clipping them. The process allows new hair coat to grow. Hand stripping is indicated in dogs with 2-layered coats—a soft dense undercoat and a long wiry top coat. Without hand stripping, dogs with wiry hair coats may have hair with dull texture and color.

 Hand stripping can be tricky for pet owners who don’t know how to do it, so it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a professional groomer who can show you how it is properly done. Having somebody hold your pooch in place will help make the task easier. Use your thumb and forefinger to grip a few strands of hair then give a gentle tug in the direction of the hair growth so you can remove the hair. You will know that your dog’s hair coat is ripe for stripping if the hairs can easily be pulled and removed painlessly.  Hand stripping may be needed frequently during spring and summer when your dog is getting rid of his thick winter coat.

 The staff at your Grand Junction, CO pet clinic can help you understand more about the grooming needs of your pet and how to meet them.


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