Cats and Catnips

While not all cats display the same response to catnip, those that do are often fun to watch as they engage in their “catnip antics”. The herb can also drastically change their mood, getting them into a somewhat ecstatic state or a seemingly comatose one, depending on the strength of the catnip.   They are easily attracted to toys or objects that have been rubbed with catnip. However, about one-third of cats are not particularly attracted to the herb. Strangely enough, most juvenile kittens and senior cats don’t seem to be particularly attracted to catnip either. If you have a young kitten, you will soon know whether catnip has an effect on your pet when he is around 3- 6 months of age. Some varieties of catnips are more potent than others. However, the herb can quickly lose its potency and you will soon notice your furball losing interest in toys that’s filled with catnip.

Consult with your Clay, NY vet if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior. Click on this link for more pet care info.


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