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Why Your Kitty Is Acting Out

Cats can be a bit like children in that they can act out. Unfortunately, cats don’t have the ability to speak, which makes figuring out what the problem is especially difficult. Here are a few reasons why your kitty might be acting out.

Have you stopped spending as much time with your cat? If you’re spending long hours at work or are spending more time away from home, your cat might be acting out as a way to get your attention.

Has something changed in your home? Maybe you’ve brought home a new baby or adopted a new dog? Even something as simple as rearranging the furniture can be enough to send your kitty over the edge!

Unfortunately, a medical condition can also cause your cat to act out. To eliminate this possibility, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Riverside County, CA.

Why Your Kitty Is Acting Out


Cats and Catnips

While not all cats display the same response to catnip, those that do are often fun to watch as they engage in their “catnip antics”. The herb can also drastically change their mood, getting them into a somewhat ecstatic state or a seemingly comatose one, depending on the strength of the catnip.   They are easily attracted to toys or objects that have been rubbed with catnip. However, about one-third of cats are not particularly attracted to the herb. Strangely enough, most juvenile kittens and senior cats don’t seem to be particularly attracted to catnip either. If you have a young kitten, you will soon know whether catnip has an effect on your pet when he is around 3- 6 months of age. Some varieties of catnips are more potent than others. However, the herb can quickly lose its potency and you will soon notice your furball losing interest in toys that’s filled with catnip.

Consult with your Clay, NY vet if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior. Click on this link for more pet care info.

Finding a dog trainer

Your dog needs to be trained, and you’ve decided to bring a professional on board to do the work. How do you find the right dog trainer for your pet?

Your dog needs a trainer that he will be receptive to, so you will need to find someone your pet will be comfortable with. You know your pet well, and you may be able to determine the best training method for a potential trainer to implement. Try to find someone who excels in this training method, and is able to keep your dog engaged. Choose someone who can easily fit into your schedule and your budget. This individual should be able to furnish references upon request, and offer relevant experience as well as any certification required in your area. Your local Wake Forest, NC veterinarian can help you better understand your pet.

Finding a dog trainer

Enjoying your time with your pet

Enjoying your time with your pet

Your cat is a wonderful companion, and you love being near her. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best way to interact with her. How can you enjoy the time you have with your pet?

The best way to take advantage of your time with your pet is to realize that every day will be different. Some times your pet will want to run around and play actively, while other times she may simply want to nap next to you on the couch. Both of these are fine, as are all the activities in between. This is because the time you spend with her matters more than what you are actually doing with this time. She needs to have your full attention for a while each day to know that you care for her and consider her a priority in your life. Your local Mt. Pleasant, SC vet clinic can offer additional guidance.

Does Your Cat Want to Go Outside?


Some pet parents allow their cats outside, while others don’t. Whether your cat goes outside or not, how can you tell if he wants to make a trip outdoors?

If your cat regularly goes outside, he won’t be shy in letting you know. He might sit by the door until you open it, or he may obnoxiously scratch at the door or meow until you let him outside.

If your cat hasn’t ever been outside before, he isn’t likely to give you a lot of clues. In most cases, if a cat has never been outside, he doesn’t know what he’s missing. However, some cats have been known to bolt for the door.

If you want to provide your pet with a little outside time safely, consider leash training your feline. For more information click here to schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Terre Haute, IN.


Health Issues of Pixie Bobs

One of the most striking felines in the world is the Pixie Bob. Most are born with very short tails or no tail at all. They also have very endearing ways; they are always on the lookout for opportunities to chat with their owners, punctuating their meowing with chirps and growls. Like other breeds of cats with very short tails or stumps for tails, the Pixie Bob has a higher risk of developing spinal problems that can lead to the deformity at the tip of their spine. This is one reason why many of these cats don’t have tails like other breeds of cats. The Manx cat is another tailless breed that can suffer from a similar condition called “Manx syndrome”. The negative effect of this physical trait can also give rise to neurological issues. To prevent potential problems, breeders should refrain from mating two tailless Pixie Bobs to reduce the chances of having offspring that possess very severe spinal or neurological health problems.

 Bring your pet to your Sayville, NY animal hospital for a regular wellness check.


Helping your cat with grooming tasks

Helping your cat with grooming tasks

Your cat can likely do a lot of her grooming tasks on her own, but she may need your help sometimes. If she falls ill or gets injured, she may not be able to take care of everything as she normally does. Also, cats that become very dirty, or get something on them that would be harmful if licked or will need additional help grooming. All cats will need to be brushed regularly, but longhaired cats will need a lot more than their shorthaired counterparts. They may even need daily attention to keep them comfortable and tangle free. Keep a vigilant eye on your pet, and make an effort to help out as necessary. This will help you notice when she needs assistance and address her needs promptly.  Your local Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more now.

Caring for your dog during the colder months

Caring for your dog during the colder months
Your dog is a wonderful part of your life, and you want to make sure he is comfortable in a variety of situations. During the winter months, he may need some extra attention in order to avoid some of the hazards associated with the colder weather. This will likely include Bringing your pet in sooner after a trip outdoors, and keeping track of the weather conditions in your area so you can plan your outings accordingly. You don’t want your pet to be out and about during dangerous weather, just as you don’t want him to take on a walk that will overwhelm him with cold temperatures, so be sure to keep up on any trends where you live. Also make sure your pet is prepared for the lower temperatures when he does venture out. For additional information, please contact your local London, ON veterinarian.

Your dog’s digging habit

Your dog loves spending time in the backyard, but lately he has been digging it up a bit. Why is he doing this?

Your dog may be digging for a few different reasons. He may need something to do, and digging offers him an activity that will be fun and helps to use up some of his energy. Providing him with some toys and other activities can help to curb this habit, as he will have other things to do besides dig. Your dog may also be digging because he is looking for a place to bury something important to him for safekeeping. You can help your dog prevent the need for this by allowing his belongings to stay where they are so he can count on them being there when he returns for them. Your local Wake Forest, NC veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more now.

Your dog's digging habit

Dog Grooming Basics – Hand Stripping

Hand stripping involves the removal of the dog’s dead hair from the roots, instead of trimming or clipping them. The process allows new hair coat to grow. Hand stripping is indicated in dogs with 2-layered coats—a soft dense undercoat and a long wiry top coat. Without hand stripping, dogs with wiry hair coats may have hair with dull texture and color.

 Hand stripping can be tricky for pet owners who don’t know how to do it, so it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a professional groomer who can show you how it is properly done. Having somebody hold your pooch in place will help make the task easier. Use your thumb and forefinger to grip a few strands of hair then give a gentle tug in the direction of the hair growth so you can remove the hair. You will know that your dog’s hair coat is ripe for stripping if the hairs can easily be pulled and removed painlessly.  Hand stripping may be needed frequently during spring and summer when your dog is getting rid of his thick winter coat.

 The staff at your Grand Junction, CO pet clinic can help you understand more about the grooming needs of your pet and how to meet them.