Dog Grooming – What is “hand-stripping”?

Hand stripping is type of grooming regimen that is used when a dog’s grooming needs cannot be met by a shaving or hair trimming. The difference between hair trimming and hand-stripping is, aside by from being done by hand, hand stripping removes the dog’s hair coat from the root so a new hair coat can grow in. Hair clipping or hair trimming removes only the top layer of hair that is already dead or loose and the coat usually ends up with a dull texture and color.

Some canine breeds that require hair stripping include Airedale terriers, Schnauzer, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Bouvier de Flanders, Jack Russel Terrier, and Cairn terrier. The common denominator of these breeds is a hair coat that produces two types of hair – a soft and dense undercoat and longer and wiry top coat.

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