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Dog Grooming – What is “hand-stripping”?

Hand stripping is type of grooming regimen that is used when a dog’s grooming needs cannot be met by a shaving or hair trimming. The difference between hair trimming and hand-stripping is, aside by from being done by hand, hand stripping removes the dog’s hair coat from the root so a new hair coat can grow in. Hair clipping or hair trimming removes only the top layer of hair that is already dead or loose and the coat usually ends up with a dull texture and color.

Some canine breeds that require hair stripping include Airedale terriers, Schnauzer, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Bouvier de Flanders, Jack Russel Terrier, and Cairn terrier. The common denominator of these breeds is a hair coat that produces two types of hair – a soft and dense undercoat and longer and wiry top coat.

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Unique Exotic Pets

Owning an exotic pet is a great way to get visitors to raise their eyebrows upon entering your home. However, even some exotic pets are becoming more commonplace. If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider one of these strange exotic pets.

Ever wondered what it’s like to own a skunk? Believe it or not, some people keep these curious critters as pets. The key is making sure that they are deskunked so they can’t spray anyone. They are active, curious, and intelligent, more than you probably believe.

Spiders aren’t horribly uncommon, but you still aren’t likely to visit a friend or family member who has one. This exotic pet becomes even more interesting if you’re willing to take it out of its cage when visitors come over.

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Unique Exotic Pets

Fun Games to Play with Your Dog in the Pool

Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise is important to his health. Get a little creative by playing games in the pool to keep your dog interested.

The easiest game to play with your pooch in the pool is fetch. Simply throw the ball in the water and watch your dog swim after it. Making him start at the edge of the pool is even more fun because then he gets to create a big splash jumping in the pool!

To add a bit of a challenge, choose toys that sink to the bottom of the pool. That way, your dog has to jump in and dive after it.

You can even try playing monkey in the middle with your dog. Just make sure he catches the toy every once in a while so he doesn’t lose interest!

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Fun Games to Play with Your Dog in the Pool

Playpens for Hamsters

Hopefully, your hamster’s cage is a lot of fun, but coming out to play is even more fun! An exercise ball is a must, but your pet would greatly benefit from a playpen too.

Playpens are fairly easy to build because your hamster will only be playing in one temporarily, ideally with your supervision. For this reason, a cardboard box with tall sides is a good choice.

Place more substrate in this box than in the cage so that your hamster can dig around. You can even make digging more fun by hiding treats down in the bottom of the box.

This is also a great time to introduce new toys and handle your hamster, since picking him up and putting him in a cardboard box is easier than a metal bared cage.

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Playpens for Hamsters

How Much Quality Time and Attention Does Your Cat Need?

Every animal needs regular interaction from their owner, but some animals need more than others. Exactly how much quality time and attention does your cat needs?

The answer to this question will depend on your specific cat. Some cats are needier than others. The best thing about having a cat, no matter how needy he is, is that he will let you know when he wants attention. If you can’t give him the attention he wants when he asks for it, carve out some time later.

Although a cat can’t necessarily tell you he wants to play, every cat needs to be played with on a daily basis. Strive to spend 20 minutes each evening playing with your cat, but an additional 20 minutes in the morning is a good idea too.

For help determining exactly how much time to spend with your feline, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Easley, SC.

How Much Quality Time and Attention Does Your Cat Need