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How a Humidifier Can Help Your Dog

There are countless contraptions you can purchase for your home. One that you might have overlooked is the humidifier. Although it may seem like a strange investment, it can actually help your dog.

Dogs can develop problems with dry skin just like we can. Not only is dry skin itchy and uncomfortable, it can cause dandruff, which is unsightly.

Does your pup have trouble with static? If you get shocked when you go to pet your pooch, a humidifier can help. It puts additional moisture in the air which will keep static at bay.

Dry air can make it difficult for some dogs to breathe, especially if your pet has a restricted airway. A humidifier can help with congestion.

To learn more about all of the benefits that humidifiers have to offer your four legged friend, plan a visit with your veterinarian Easley, SC.

How a Humidifier Can Help Your Dog


Reasons Why a Big Dog Might Be the Right Fit for Your Family

Many families avoid larger dogs because they take up so much space and it costs more to feed them. They also have a reputation for being unruly, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In all actuality, most large dog breeds are much more easygoing than small breeds. Because they don’t have to stand up for themselves as much as small dogs do, they are less likely to puff out their chests and claim dominance.

Large dogs can also be lazier and more patient than other breeds. If you check out any list online of dog breeds that are ideal for small children, you’re likely to find more than one large breed on that list!

Need help deciding which dog breed is right for your family? Your vet Powdersville, SC can help you find the breed that’s perfect for you. For more details, visit this website.

Reasons Why a Big Dog Might Be the Right Fit for Your Family

Making Your House Comfortable for Your Cat While You’re out of Town

One of the reasons why some people choose a cat over a dog is because they can be left alone for longer periods of time. If you’re leaving town, you should definitely have someone check in on your cat regularly, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your cat is comfortable while you’re gone.

First, change out the litter in the cat box. It wouldn’t hurt for the friend who’s checking in on your cat to scoop the box, but at least if there’s new litter, your cat can feel good about using the litter box for a few days before it becomes a problem.

Think about your cat’s favorite things. Consider leaving the bed unmade, if he loves sleeping on the sheets, or keeping one window open so he can gaze outside.

For more tips, click here, or call your vet Powdersville, SC.

Making Your House Comfortable for Your Cat While Youre out of Town