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How Do Trips to the Vet Change throughout a Dog’s Life?


Taking your dog to the vet is extremely important to his overall health, even if scheduling appointments can be a pain. Don’t make any more trips than necessary by following these tips on how many times your dog should visit the vet throughout his lifetime.

When your dog is still a young pup, you will definitely have to schedule appointments a few times during his first year with you. These appointments ensure that he has all the vaccinations he needs. This is also a good time to talk about your pet’s diet and flea medication.

During regular adulthood, you can cut back your trips to just once a year. However, some breeds may require two visits per year.

As your dog gets older, it’s likely that you’ll schedule multiple appointments each year. To schedule your dog’s next appointment, call your Veterinarians Myrtle Beach SC.


Tips To Prevent Over-Bonding Between Litters

Puppies that belong to the same litter and raised together are more likely to over-bond, a situation that can give rise to some important problems. Both puppies can suffer trauma and stress when they are separated from each     other. Since they spend most of their time together, they can have problems interacting with other dogs that they meet. As they enter puberty and become adults, they can also behave aggressively towards each other especially when they are of the same gender.

If you are already keeping littermates, you should take steps to encourage independence in a gradual manner. If they are used to sleeping together in the same crate or doggie bed, get another crate and place them side by side, slowly moving them farther and farther apart over time. During obedience training and other training regimens, have one person train one dog while another person works with the other dog at a considerable distance. These activities can help puppies focus single-handedly on something, making them less likely to depend on the presence of the other puppy. Let the puppies spend time in separate parts of the house or rooms, interacting with them individually during playtime. Positive things that they experience individually can eventually train them in to thinking that they can enjoy good things even when they are not with their siblings. Taking them separately on leash walks and other outdoor excursions can help each of them build confidence and experience the world on their own.

You should seek professional help from your Newmarket, ON animal hospital when you are dealing with deeply rooted behavior problems exhibited by your pet. Click here to know more about your pet’s needs

Ear Infections in Yorkies

Ear aches and infections are common in a variety of dogs including breeds like the Yorkie. Symptoms to look out for include scratching the ears, rubbing the ears, and excessive head shaking. Schedule a check up with your vet if your Yorkie has any of these symptoms as it may be an ear infection or some other illness. Most ear infections come from bacteria or yeast in the ears. Puppies may have mites in their ears, which could also cause an ear ache or infection. Your vet will help you decide the best course of treatment for your pup. Some treatments include washing your Yorkie’s ear with a gentle cleanser. Never use a Q-tip or rubbing alcohol on your Yorkie’s ears. Your vet Portland, OR may also prescribe a medication in the form of ear drops, ointment, or even pill form. Follow your vet’s instruction for treatment and have your dog re-checked.

Ear Infections in Yorkies

Siamese Paws and Winter Protection

Did you know that there are actually snow shoes available for dogs and cats? In the winter months people tend to switch from regular shoes to snow shoes in order to get around safely and to keep their feet warm. Some Siamese cats may prefer the same type of warmth and protection for their paws too. Your cat’s paws and the protective pads on them can become dry, cracked, and itchy during the winter months especially if you cat is going in and out on a regular basis. Experts recommend applying a soothing balm such as petroleum jelly to the pads in the same manner as people apply lip balm to chapped lips. This will help keep your Siamese cat’s feet moist and protected against the cold. In addition, be aware of the temperatures. If it’s too cold for you then it’s probably too cold for your Siamese cat. Talk to your vet Portland, OR for more information.

Siamese Paws and Winter Protection

What Do Gerbils Do All Day?

What Do Gerbils Do All Day
Gerbils are cute pets. They seem to spend a lot of time scurrying around their cages. Gerbils can be jumpy and scamper away to hide whenever anyone approaches the cage. Take time to get to know your gerbil a little better. Talk to your gerbil in a calm, even tone and let him approach your hand. Give your gerbil plenty of things to play with in the cage. Cardboard boxes make great hiding and nesting spots and cardboard tubes can be fun tunnels to run through. Your gerbil will love to chew on small fruit tree branches and they add a certain homey ambiance to the cage. Exercise wheels can be fun and give your gerbil both physical and mental stimulation. An exercise ball can give your gerbil some fun time outside the cage in a safety. Watch for overheating and make sure you keep the ball from stairs. Know more from your Louisville, CO veterinary clinic.

Your Kitten’s New Home

Your Kitten’s New Home
It’s so exciting to have a new kitten in the house. However, it can be a period of adjustment for your kitten. Your kitten should be weaned from her mother’s milk before you bring them home but there may be a little work in getting your kitty the proper nutrition. Choose a nutritionally complete food especially formulated for kittens. If your kitten has trouble chewing dry food, add a little water to soften it up. Verify that your kitten is getting enough calories. Prepare your home before your kitten arrives. Set up an eating and drinking station in a convenient area but out of traffic areas. Put a litter box in an out of the way area for privacy. You can use the cat carrier to sleep in till she finds her own napping places. Have patience and offer love and attention, as your kitten will allow. For more information, contact your Louisville, CO vet.

Ragdolls and Ice Melt Products

Do you live in an area that endures cold, icy and somewhat snowy winters? If so then you may be familiar with the usual “melt away” products used to keep the walkways, sidewalks, and doorways free of ice. These products are great for people who want to avoid a fall on the ice. However, the chemicals used in various melting products can actually cause harm to the Ragdoll cat. The chemicals may cause your cat’s paws to develop blisters and burns. If your Ragdoll spends much time outdoors in the winter, you should think about the surface areas where your cat is walking. If you live in an area with sidewalks that are heavily treated with melting products then you may want to keep your cat indoors or invest in pet wipes or a product to clean your Ragdoll cat’s paws after being outdoors. Talk to your vet Portland, OR for more information.



Dog Slobber

Dog Slobber
Every dog owner has to deal with dog slobber at some point – on your hands, clothes, furniture . . . everywhere. Saliva is necessary to help your dog eat and break down food so it’s ready to digest. There are certain breeds that are more prone to drooling. These breeds usually have loose upper lips and jowls so it’s more difficult to keep the slobber contained. Keep a small towel at hand to wipe up any messes and occasionally wipe off your dog’s mouth. Excessive drooling for your breed of dog or your dog doesn’t normally drool much and has started suddenly, there may be a problem with your dog’s mouth or some kind of dental disease. Regular tooth cleaning can help prevent dental disease but your dog will still need regular professional cleanings. Examine your dog’s mouth for signs of gingivitis, tumors or ulcerations. For more information, visit Animal Hospital Louisville, CO.

Is the Bathtub the Best Place to Give Your Dog a Bath?

Every dog needs a bath every once in a while! Many pet parents spend time sudsing up their pooch in the tub, but is the bathtub really the best place to give your dog a bath?

In general, your tub is a perfectly fine place to give your dog a bath. However, it can be tricky if you don’t have a removable shower head. In addition, all that dirt and dog hair in the drain can be a real pain to clean up.

If you don’t want to give your pup a bath in the tub, consider giving him a bath outside. Make sure the weather is warm and use your garden hose to get the job done.

Of course, you can always schedule an appointment with a professional groomer, then you don’t have to worry about bathing your dog at all! For a list of groomers in your area, call your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA.

Is the Bathtub the Best Place to Give Your Dog a Bath

Tips for Pet Parents with Multiple Cats

The only thing better than having one cat is having two cats! However, keeping two cats is twice the challenge. Here are a few tips for parents with multiple cats.

Get your litter box situation under control. You should have at least one more box than you have cats. In addition, those boxes should be spaced around the house and easily accessible. There’s nothing worse than having cats that choose not to use the litter box!

Even cats that are friends may need a little time away every now and then. Make sure you have cat-friendly accessories in multiple rooms in your house so your cats feel comfortable no matter where they are in your home.

Make sure you neuter and spay your kitties! To schedule an appointment to have your kitties fixed, call your veterinary clinic Lafayette, LA.

Tips for Pet Parents with Multiple Cats