Tips When Sharing People Food To Your Dog

Some pet owners love sharing some of their food with their dogs. However, table scraps or leftover food should never be a substitute to premium quality pet food. Giving all of your leftover food from your plate to your dog’s food bowl is not the healthiest way to give table scraps to your pooch. If your dog is used to eating dry pet food, he may end up with an upset stomach if you suddenly give considerable amounts of new foods. If you really want to give your pet a taste of your food, start giving food that is similar in composition to his pet food diet, i.e. chicken, beef, or plain noodles, and slowly introduce  new food to his diet.

Feeding small amounts of your food to your pooch will help you balance your pet’s caloric intake from meal to meal. It will also be easier for you to identify the potential cause if your pet suffers from an upset stomach. It is recommended to introduce one new type of food every couple of days to let your pet’s stomach adjust without any adverse reactions.

Know more about your dog’s nutritional needs by visiting your Paramus, NJ veterinarian.


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